Los Angeles, California

Store # 4589

2020 Olympic blvd

LA, CA 90006

On July 1,2014

I was at mc Donald's with some friends, our children are in the playground and it smelled like *** I let the manager know she said she'd send someone I waiting and no took care it. I complained a second time and nothing was done. I'm very disappointed on their service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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So the playroom in the restaurant smelled like pee/poo don't know what is filtered, and you allowed your children to continue playing in it yet you complain that the managers did not do a thing to clean it up. I think you are worse for allowing your children to still play there.

to Anonymous #857257

anonymous why doesn't your worthless *** do something more productive and go

smell *** you pathetic waste of sub human garbage..you're such a *** pathetic loser and reject

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