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Update by user Nov 07, 2021

Also she had given me the wrong number for corporate intentionally and also refused to give the store number and lied about her name to me and hung up on me

Original review updated by user Nov 07, 2021

I work for doordash and ive been having several issues with the manager at the rexburg idaho store number 5138 and only one manager. She hung up on my wife when we kept calling back for our doordash because they made us wait for 35 minutes and kept lying saying that she had someone bring it out and no one came out to bring our order.

She had her employee in training come out to deliver our order and tell us that if we kept calling back about our order that they would no longer bring our order out. Then tonight we sat at the front of the store parked for 25 minutes and watched as she left the order sitting on the counter and was just chatting away and her employees were just huddled around conversing and we didnt get the order till 26 minutes after it was already done.

Then right now we have been waiting fifteen minutes for another doordash order and she is just laughing and looking out the windows at us while we are still waiting for our doordash order. This is highly unproffessional and disrespectful and if someone who has a managers position in a fast food restaurant cant handle the job and be polite and respectful as protocol states then she should not have the position since she cant manage the position accordingly

User's recommendation: Be cautious and make sure u pay attention to her actions and report any unprofessional actions and rude manners this is not the first time and obviously wont be the last until someone actually takes care of this problem.

Preferred solution: Take appropriate action amd either demote this manager or fire this manager as the disrespect and unproffesionalism is ongoing and seems that the owner of this branch took no action whem we filed a report to him.

McDonalds Pros: Decent price and deals.

McDonalds Cons: Bad attitude from staff, Missing or wrong items delivered.

Location: 175 Valley River Drive, Rexburg, ID 83440

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So your telling me that the way you treat people with distespect and hanging up on customers who are working for the delivery service that delivers food from your restaurant and making them wait 25 30 even 40 minites for an order that was made as soon as the call was made and proceeding to tell them that if they call u multiple times that you will not bring them thier order knowing that your making them wait for that order and the customer who is ordering the food has to wait and receive cold food because the employees want to dilly dally around and neglect the responsibilties as an employee is acceptable. Maybe whatever job you work if you even work a job should be concerned about your work ethics.

My bestfriend eorks for mcdonalds and is a manager and i already know the procedures and protocols of working for that company are. Abd on top of all tjat my 2 oldest daughters actually worked for that store and was suffering heat exhaustion and requested to take a break and they declined her that even though they were clearly not doing so well. Also when we called to get corporates number they gave us a fake number and lied about there name and then continuously disrespect and display severe unproffesionalism.

If you condo e that type of job edicate and are ok with treating customers and peoe like that then maybe you should rethunk your morals and values. Because quite frankly, you treat people a certain way, you better expect the same in return.

@Levi V Zsf

They usually hang up on disrespectful customers. Also you need to work on your English.


Better be careful he may beat up his grandmother because you upset him. Or lie and sat that you work for McDonald's or give you a thumbs down.

Or spit in your food.

He posted a bunch of crazy stuff before he deleted them. Probably for attention.

@Levi V Zsf

Oh for crying out loud you dunce, the people that replied to you do NOT work for Mcdonalds. Get someone who can read to click on their profile and see comments to other companies. Also why would you give your wife a black eye over this anger?

@Kevin Richards

Not sure where you got your information from but I never once nor will I ever give my wife a black eye. No need for the extra drama or lies.

@Levi V Zsf

You are the one that posted that. It was removed but you did say that you gave your wife a black eye over this LIar.

@Kevin Richards

This is not me someone has hacked my profile and is posting inappropriate comments and posts

@Levi V Zsf

Nice try. You made a fool of yourself and are claiming someone hacked your account.

No one believes you. I supposed someone "hacked" your account when you falsely accused that person for working at Mcdonalds as well.


The only one that needs to be fired is you from Door Dash for mistreating people. You are disgusting for wanting her fired.

Honestly someone needs to post a complaint about you and demand that you get fired. If you cannot treat people with respect maybe you need to quit.

@Casi Pxx

Exactly, what a crab the OP is, and they are poorly representing DoorDash with their behavior.

@Casi Pxx

I did nothing wrong doing my job nor was I rude until after the fact of being mistreated by the staff members. Which I had every right since my job is on a time frame. I am always respectful until I am treated otherwise.

@Levi V Zsf

You were not mistreated

@Kevin Richards

Oh and how would u know

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