Bronx, New York

Yet the black loving company of McN-iggers has seen yet another riot. Tnb doesn't get much worse than this.

12 niglets, 8 sheeboons and 11 feral monkey bucks got into a huge brawl over an angus turd pounder, food stamps, a crack rock, and 2 cases of colt foty five. The manager was severely beaten and during the riot the sheeboons stole nuggets, big macs and turd pounders by shoving them down there shirts. You gott love McN-iggers.

Never disappoints white people when the monkeys engage in tnb and cat 5 chimpouts. "gib me muh burgah n-iggah."

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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That CRACKER has issues!!!!!


As of today, McDonalds has forged a security team called McWatchers. Anyone that conducts in misbehavior within a McDonalds restaurant will be detained by us an turned over to police. We are being sued for black on white hate crimes and any African Americans that become aggressive to any race will be shown no mercy and will be charged with a crime/hate crime and turned over to police.


what's up with this racist *** from New York?


Tnb....defintintion-typical n-I-g-ger behavior.