Palatine, Illinois
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I signed up for Angies list for my Home improvement company to generate additional leads. I requested certain areas to work in and was promised to be put on the first web page when consumers punched in window's doors and siding.

When they had me up and running and none of the requested towns I chose was correct When I asked them why my requested towns were not on there they replied that those towns were already filled with contractors of similar work. So I was unable to be put on the first or any of the pages that fit my companies trades for the areas I had chosen. When I told them i wanted to cancel my contract that was going to cost me close to $ 500.00 per month that told me I could cancel but I need to pay a 35% cancellation fee. Yeah right GOOD LUCK with that.

See your *** in court. The contract is not worth the paper it is written on, Dont go near these people.

For a person who is supposed to be watching out for others. Who is watching ANGIE!

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So...why is your complaint about McDonald's? I'm confused

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