San Antonio, Texas

When you order a 10 piece nugget, you get two dipping sauces. I ordered the 20 piece nugget special, and they wanted to charge me for the 4th dipping sauce.

I explained that the 20 piece was being shared between my two daughters, and that when you order a 10 piece nugget you get two dipping sauces, so why were they charging me for the 4th sauce on a 20 piece (both girls wanted different sauces). The response was "my manager told me to tell you that". I replyied that she could tell her manager they lost my buisness and I went to Burger King and got the same thing with all sauces with no extra charge. In todays economy, you want to stoop so low to charge a customer for sauce that is suposed to come with the meal?

Really McDonalds, really? Lost my buisness for good!

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at this rate, your daughters will be fat when theyre 10 HAHAH


It probably cost you more to make the trip to Burger King, than it would have cost to pay fifty cents to a dollar for an extra sauce. However, the fact that the manager is supposed to have told the server to charge for the extra sauce, indicates that you more than likely try to pull this frequently.

It also would have been a good time to teach your daughters to share. You could also have bought two 10 piece nuggets.

The fast food places where I live charge extra if people want an extra dressing for their salads, or if they want ranch to dip their fries in, instead of using the little condiment cups full of ketchup.


I am sure they will miss you! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!