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I purchased a Angus Deluxe meal #12 at the Cedar Lake Indiana Mc Ds 30 min ago. I seperated the bun from the sandwich to give my tomato to my kids but then on closer examination I see these spots on the tomato towards the center, brown spots not burnt .

It looks like the tomato they were slicing up was showing the signs of rot. No one noticed this while slicing it to feed to unknowing consumers? I called and spoke with the manager, she tells me to bring it back and she will replace it with a free meal. Ahhhh no thanks.

I politely declined, i suggested she go and find out what's up with the food in the back. Hopefully no one will get sick. Word of advice people.

Before you eat anything fast food, be dilgent to observe all layers, fast food is never made with love. peace

Monetary Loss: $5.

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How sad is it that you buy yourself an Angus burger, and give your tomato to your children.

Selfish cheapskate.

Just make your own food at home then, and give the scraps to your kids.

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