Merritt Island, Florida
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Update by user Apr 16, 2013

for all the rude people commenting…how would u like it If you got ABUSED just for going through a drive thru? By crazy jealous ugly nasty women???

That’s NOT OK…its ABUSE AND DISCRIMINATION…there is NOTHING that warrants this abuse and mistreatment…and all you have are crazy psychotic black women on powertrips who abuse pretty women because they think they can get away with have hoodlums and animals doing this to decent people. It is NOT OK…also with unemployment rate..there are MANY people who need jobs…but why are these obnoxious monsters and heathens getting HIRED at this location?? The manager needs to do something about this….out of all the mcdonalds on the planet I promise you…this is the WORST when it comes to bad employees…I have been to TONS of mcdonalds…with mostly OK people nice people and a few rude people…but NOTHING compared to this. Shouldn’t there be civil decent normal people working at a job rather than angry abusive jealous psychotic hoodlums like these lunatics???

The manager claims he “works to hire only the friendliest people”….i mean seriously..are you joking me???

You can tell just by looking at these nasty people NONE of them are friendly….they look like they come from the sewers and are not just ugly people on the outside but on the inside the WORST people…no character trash people…who just abuse customers for no reason and women because they are BULLIES who feel they can get away with it…also for a year I STOPPED going to this place because of the crazy employees and crazy black women who were abusive to me—but then it changed and they hired some “OK” people who were decent people, but now it’s back to hiring the crazy black women….do the general public a favor and STOP HIRING BLACK WOMEN to work at this location and FAT white women…or keep these nutjobs in the BACK making the FOOD..keep these hideous grotesque sick abusive people AWAY from the public..…these are the RUDEST people here…the fat white slob ugly wh*res and the crazy black women… they are the jealous ones who abuse other women for sport…ugly people picking on pretty people?? Seriously…stop hiring the ugly fat white slobs and jail ridden black b*tches….and again you find white and black people at every other mcdonalds…they are normal decent civil people…but come to this horrible mcdonalds…and all you find are angry abusive crazy hostile black and white women…just hire the BLACK men and WHITE men to work at the windows….keep the crazy *** women AWAY from the public

Update by user Apr 16, 2013

this complaint is NOT is real. the manager was contacted and if nothing is done, i am going to pursue this with the police or a lawsuit.

also this does NOT pertain to the males working there or ANY black males working there..just the BLACK women and WHITE women. However, with the black women there it is ALL the black women working at that horrible mcdonald's. I go to many restaurants all the time and have been to restaurants all over the country and have NEVER encountered such low life degenerates as these psychos here. Also i went inside recently out of fear of going to the drive thru now, and when I went in, there was this ugly fat white *** and other white trash rude b*tches working there and they ALL stared at each other and then stared at this other short black *** IE cuz i was there.

these are RUDE animals who discriminate against minority women for NO reason and this is discrimination and evil, and NO HUMAN deserves to be treated this way. they were all staring at me and making faces and acting weird the moment I was there..who deserves to be treated this way??? i just go to mcdonalds so i can get my food not get treated like ***.

and there were a bunch of loud black people in front of me (nothing against them) but the problem is im getting discriminated against for NO reason at the *** employees at this place..they are fat ugly obnoxious losers worthless people and this does not go for ANY of the males there esp the ones working in the back it's for the freak b*tches that work in the drive thru area... the women at this place are crazy jealous and just flat out psycho and something needs to be done about this ugly animal b*tches BLACK AND WHITE who abuse women for no reason....

Original review posted by user Apr 15, 2013

at the UCF mcdonalds on alafaya/university, i always go there and have encountered TONS of abuse..bad treatment...its REALLY BAD. recently, i went there...and there was this ugly gorilla looking n*gger working at the window. Sorry i am not racist AT ALL i am a minority myself, but after being ABUSED over and over again...this is the last straw...these gorillas at this mcdonalds are rude degenerate n*ggers and terrible sick people. they are filthy vile, degenerates and really should be in jail not working at a restaurant dealing with people. they are abusive to me because im an attractive female and if you live in orlando it's full of really ugly freaks so if you're pretty all the crazy women are jealous of you...esp the hoodlums and psychos that work at this mcdonalds. they will pick on you kind of like jailbirds pick on a non criminal and just abuse you for no reason. it's REALLY bad but the worst are the N*gger women..they are HORRIBLE evil psychotic abusive MEAN crazy sick people. im a quiet, nice polite person. the last time i had gone, the ugly ape n*gger working at the drive thru, told me to take my food from there. I had already pulled up and this illiterate ugly gorilla began yelling at me telling me to come get my food. i told the ugly gorilla i couldn't back up- i was really sick and this psycho kept yelling at me.

i finally told the other FAT n*gger gorilla at the 2nd window, that her ugly nasty co-worker was yelling at me and she was really rude, so the fat gorilla at window 2 who was really rude too said she'd talk to her. also dont get me wrong there is tons of fat ugly horrible white trash rude nasty people that work here of all races...rarely are there decent people at this mcdonalds. i go to mcdonalds EVERYWHERE and they are NOTHING like the psychopaths at this have no clue. the psychos at the UCF mcdonalds are just hostile evil ugly deranged degenerates really rude mean crazy. and the bad ones are there at NIGHT because during the day it isn't that bad. so then a week later, i went again and had been there many times in between but i encountered the ugly psycho n*gger gorilla from before..the horrible reject that was yelling at me. so this awful AWFUL psycho animal SNATCHED my credit card from me really hard and in a hostile way. I was about to tell this degenerate...don't snatch my card from me like that?? but then the nasty evil denegerate n*gger just THREW MY credit card at me??? wtf??? this is ASSAULT technically??? i even called the cops and they said yes it's assault and you can file a report... i looked at hte gorilla who had closed her window and she was just sitting there staring at me with her hideous man face...she or IT looks just like a scary and throw a credit card at a customer then shut your window and just stare at the person?? how is this psycho even working with the public?? this IT THING should be put in jail or in a sewer where this horrible maggot belongs....and i flipped this psycho the bird. i then pulled up to the 2nd window..and told the same ugly fat obese other n*gger, that that crazy girl THREW my credit card at one at the window seemed to care???

these crazy people didnt care....about FOUR idiots working there lied and claimed to be managers...i said this is ASSAULT and i could SUE this mcdonalds for this??? the black rude *** at the 2nd window didn't care...she said "i'll talk to her" like talk to her??? she not only should be FIRED on the spot but you idiots need to REMOVE her from working there at least for NOW..she is ATTACKING customers??? no one cared...these idiots brain dead degenerates just sat no one cared??? then in the end the other rude fat black *** i said well im going to video tape this next time..she said well she can SUE you for that..huh??? are you joking me??? your evil crazy employees are THROWING credit cards at people and you're trying to SIDE WITH THEM??? then i had to FORCE this crazy *** to give me my order as she wouldn't do it?? then she said "well you always complain" as i was driving off..

ok this was a SERIOUS matter...i could easily CALL the police and its all on video that this crazy *** threw my credit card at me...and nothing?? i called the manager the next day...who also didn't seem to care...he just said "i'll review the video tapes" and this is an example of bad customer like...NO this isnt an example of BAD customer service you *** this is ASSAULT??? this is a CRIMINAL MATTER GOING ON AND YOU DONT SEEM TO CARE??? i called the police and im still going to file a report... but i am SO UPSET??? that these sick evil people are able ot ATTACK AND ASSAULT customers and get away with it??? and no one cares??? not only could MCDONALDS get sued but some n*gger could be put in jail over this and they don't care...they allow their psycho employees to harass and assault customers for no reason??? this si a TERRIBLE place and someone please report these psychos to the cops...

and the way im writing...yes im really angry...being abused over n over again then having a CC thrown at me for no reason by some deranged N*gger who belongs in ***?? this is the UCF mcdonalds..beware of this horrible awful place run by degenerates and trash...and psychos..

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

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I believe you. I used to work at this location and the people that worked there in fact, used to spit in people's food and once even jizzed in someone's ice cream.

It was pretty disgusting and shortly after I quit. Also, the managers are college kids who don't know how to manage their own pants, they are total idiots. We had a customer complain once and they just laughed in her face and the manager discourages customer complaints and also just says to ignore them and seemed to really not like customers at all.

They hire lots of ghetto trash there too so get ready to work with *** idiots and *** for sure. I'm sure those monkeys have been spitting in your food for years and you just didn't know it


jenn, you really should be ashamed of yourself. Maybe the employees act like they do, because of your gorilla act.


yes well what do you expect from a ***. they are *** creatures these days.

they have no education and work at mcdonalds and are mean to people. I say call the cops on the IT thing and maybe it will learn a lesson not to throw things at people and yes that is assault.


The term *** is thrown around losely, do any of you idiots saying that word know what it really means ? it is a foolish person, any color, not just black, that word came from slave owners , and isnt taken too litely by white or blacks, so educate yourselves, thanks.. :(

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