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Today I went through the Mcdonalds s drive thru in Casper Wy and while I was placing my order the drive thru employee Lauren cut me off, gave me my total and told me to drive forward even though I hadn't completed my order. I drive forward and the woman at the window takes my money and when I informed her (come to find out she was the morning manager and her name was Linda) that I hadn't finished ordering she just walked away.

When another employee came near the window and it opened I stated to Linda that I didn't know Mcdonalds now decided when a customer was done ordering she stated that they didn't. At this time she had 2 chances to allow me to finish my order but failed to do so. We finally get our food along with an attitude from Ms. Linda and as we are pulling away my 16 year old announces that she is laughing at us.

That just topped off the total lack of customer service that I received. The irony in this was that the order that didn't get placed was mine and I was actually hungry and as a cancer patient I don't actually get hungry very often anymore. The Mcdonalds in Casper Wy nearest the mall totally sucks, I am highly recommending that no one ever go there. When I got home to Riverton I did call and speak to the night manager and he wrote down my complaint and said sorry.

No offers for coupons, no offers for anything other than I hope that you come back. I doubt I ever will as it seems that no Mcdonalds cares anymore about customer service, trying to keep a customer, or doing anything to make up for rude and horrible service to the offended customer.

The night manager at this Mcdonalds did inform me that when he does have a difficult customer he will mutter his feelings under his breath, I sort of found it odd that while I was complaining of bad customer service he is telling me that he practices that same disrespect for his customers but just not as obviously as the morning manager did. I guess disrespect for your customers is a common practice at this Mcdonalds.

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I realized Mcdonalds is racist to cancer patients. I have a-s-s cancer.

They think cancer is contagious and they either dont let me order they order for me, or they give me the wrong food even when they were the ones ordering for me. My buddy who has Lynchens Syndrome, which is a large cancerous growth on your nuts-a-c-k, they only give him peanuts, and call him the ballzack monster.


Sigh, my complaint was for Hardees, this is not my complaint nor is this my ID. I am glad you are all so judgemental and all knowing and all seeing.

If you would take 10 seconds to look at the user name you would see that it is not mine. The only complaint I have posted was on Hardees.

I have not posted one on Mcdonalds or on any other business. A little reading comprehension would not hurt in this situation.Hope everyone has a blessed day.


Taffaning gets busted and now they want to claim its not them. Too late. You've already been busted mor0n.


This is not my complaint nor was it posted by me. Hope everyone has a blessed day.


Exactly. 100% bogus!


i just read thier other post. BOGUS to the max


This complaint is bogus since you already filed the same complaint about Hardees under complaint # 279514. This proves that both complaints are bogus.

Stop wasting our time by posting this bogus BS. You will get caught in every lie you make.


I would have drove around and ordered the cheapest thing on the menu used my credit card to pay and ask for extra napkins/straws/ketchup etc and i would do this ten times just to keep them hoppin then see who is laughing.