Lincoln Park, Michigan
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We visited the McDonalds and went through the drive thru. We were not greeted and instead were told "go ahead and order" followed by "um yeah go ahead with cha order".

We got to the window she opened it and said 3.22. I looked at my husband and said what happened to have a nice day at which point she rolled her eyes and said it to us. We get up to the next window and our McFlurry which was all we ordered was sitting on the counter. Literally 5 employees and a manager walked past showing off cell phones and taking drinks from there open cups and not one opened the window, addressed us, or gave us are order.

My husband blew his horn and waved at the manager who then waved back but did not come to our aid. After what felt like close to 10 min the original girl who took are order while scratching in her hair informed her while laughing out loud that we wanted our McFlurry. The manager then opened the window said "here you go" while laughing hysterically with no apologies and went back to looking at her phone. There was not one person in a hair net not one person who was attentive to us and not one person who appeared professional.

I will never go to McDonald's again!

This was store number 8003 at 1469 Fort St. Lincoln Park MI

Monetary Loss: $3.

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You sure have a lot of complaints. It has been many, many years since restaurant employees wore hair nets.

I am 73 years old and can't remember seeing restaurant employees wearing a hair net, for probably 30+ years. They wear visors and/or baseball caps. I don't know where you have been that you think they still wear hair nets. What is the big deal with people thinking they have to be greeted at businesses?

When I patronize a business, I go in, tend to my business and get out. I don't want to socialize. What was the person that told you the amount supposed to do say "have a nice day" before telling you the amount?

I really think a lot of your complaint is made up.

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