Las Vegas, Nevada

I went to the McDonalds on Boulder Highway near Flamingo in Las Vegas this morning. I ordered a Sausage McMuffin with Egg and a large coffee, then changed the order to the meal version that includes the hash brown before I drove up to the pay window.

Paid the correct price for my updated order, then went to the pick up window where they handed me a sausage McMuffin and coffee. I told the girl I had changed the order and had the full meal coming and that I had paid for it. Without saying a word, she closed the window. The next thing that happens is a manager shows up at the window, a young girl, who tells me I did not order the meal because she heard me order through her headset.

She obviously didn't hear me update the order at the end. The problem is that she had this *** smirk on her face and was so condescending. After having to argue repeatedly that I had paid for the updated order, she finally hands me the meal and acts like she is letting me get away with ripping them off, saying "just go ahead and take it". That's the maddening part.

I was so angry that when I drove out and suddenly realized I had the receipt to prove I paid for it, I couldn't resist turning around to go back even though it made me late for work. I showed her the receipt and rather than admit she was wrong and maybe say "I'm sorry", she gets that *** smirk on her face again and says, "I gave you what you wanted, didn't I?", at which point I just left because I was beginning to see red. Obviously, the word sorry isn't in her vocabulary. Just a side note, I had stopped there for lunch the day before and got back to work with the wrong order.

I will NEVER go there again. It's no wonder I keep hearing on the news that McDonald's sales are down drastically and they are scrambling for ways to improve sales. They need to teach their employees to treat their customers better.

Look, I realize it's just fast food, but don't treat me like I'm a liar or a cheat when you're the one who is wrong. Say away from this McDonald's.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I understand your concern, but customers are rude and are liars too. Sometimes customers do lie to get free food. Not all customers but some customers do.


Well I would hope that their sales would be down because people have learned to eat healthier. People should stay away from McDonalds and all of these fast food crapholes. I am sick of "America the fat!"


Lesson learned: Don't deal with fast food companies that hire black women.


You made an *** of yourself for going back to show the receipt. You just plain couldn't leave well enough alone, could you.


When u know u wrong its so worth making a U turn


When you know you are Right,its worth turning around


Actually, the only *** in this story is the pathetic manager. Her first smirk was because she thought she was in the right.

The second smirk was because she realized she was an id*ot but wasn't woman enough to admit it. Just because You would have been too chicken *** to turn around doesn't mean the rest of the world is.