Amarillo, Texas

I went to the drive thru at McDonald's store number 14076. Every single time I go to the drive thru, I always get horrible service at this particular location.

Tonight was worse. We were told to wait for the fries to be done and once I tried to ask the employee for honey mustard, she closed the door on me while I was talking! Then we got the fries after 10 minutes of waiting. It was disgusting and stale.

I asked her for some honey mustard and she handed me ONE.

Are you serious? I hate this McDonald's so much.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

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To the OP - Did you order a Happy Meal for yourself? Did you get the french cries and a whaaa-burger or did you have to call the whaaa-bulance because your feelings were hurt?

MrsLea01 - You are just mad because you don't get your "My husband works as a janitor at Wal-Mart's Home Office" 50% discount at McDonalds.


so.. I hate monkeys, it's okay for you to love the same gender as yourself but it's not okay to be black? and shut the *** up MrsLea.


Also MrsLea01, a sentence ends with a period. If you are going to post a comment on her at least use proper sentences like an adult.


One can say same for your husband if you keep sleeping with him to get what you want at Walmart MrsLea.


McDonalds isn't "loving it" anymore


I would definitely call the corporate office, complain as much as you can until they send you a bunch of coupons. Unfortunately, it's all you can do unless you speak to the manager there directly.

However, if the manager doesn't care enough, then much probably won't be done.

At our local McDonalds, the owner's cell phone number is posted on the doors in case we have a complaint like that. Wish more fast food restaurants cared like that.


You are upset because you only got one honey mustard. GET A JOB and buy a bottle of your own.