Thornton, Colorado
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As you probably know, or will know, the McDonalds location on 120th is undergoing some construction. This is both inside and outside the restaurant.

The drive-thru is still open, but you have to pull up to the first window and tell the cashier what you want. There is no menu to browse quickly, so we went by what we usually order. The girl taking our order at 6:40pm (Thursday, April 25, 2010) was of no help. She talked back to us when we asked for a double hamburger with no cheese saying she didn't understand what we're talking about and shaking her head when we explained it to her.

I would have expected her to explain what our choices were for that meal, because she should know the menu.

When we finally arrived home, one of the meals did not have the correct items on it.

It was a very uncomfortable situation she put us in. We all agreed that location isn't one we will ever return to unless the mistakes are fixed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Hamburger.

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Check your orders before leaving the site and if they aren't right they will correct it. Anybody should know that.

However, you wanted a special order-----a double burger with no cheese. If you want things your way, go to their competitor, who advertises that.