Astoria, New York
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Last Tuesday I was at the mcDonald's on 8th Ave between 43th Street and 44th Street in Manhattan in New York City. I was waiting for a 9 am NJ Transit bus in the Port Authority.

I had purchased a medium Hot tea and had sit down using the Wi-Fi. I was rudly interrupted by an employee male, dress in dress shirt, tie and slacks. He kept nagging to leave. Didn't I have to go to work and other such nagging.

Finally I left the store. I had entered the store just before 7:30 am and was forced to leave before 8 am.

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All sorts of questions run thru my mind, like: were you dressed like a ***? Had you taken a bath in the past two months?

Was your fly unzipped with your *** showing? Had you began to slobber and speak in tongues again?

Perhaps the guy in the slacks and tie had a valid reason to encourage you to leave. If you don't like the place, simple: don't go there again.