5062 Orangethorpe Ave, La Palma, CA 90623, USA
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Stopped by the McDonald's at 5062 Orangethorpe Ave., La Palma, CA

This morning at approximately 7:25 am and when asked for my order, my granddaughter proceeded to give it and was told she could not hear her. So when I gave the order she said she could not hear me.

So I said told her just a moment and said it louder. She repeated my order and asked it there was anything else, I said yes and she didn't reply. I said "hello!" she said are you ready with your order? I said I just gave it to you did you not get it!

She said she didn't hear me because I was yelling. I told her that she just repeated it to me ... but went ahead and gave it to her AGAIN. Kept talking over me and saying that I was yelling but still saying that she couldn't hear me.

Finally completed the order and moved forward after about 5 cars in the other lane had gone through. When I got to the pickup window I could clearly hear her telling the other employees "SHE WAS SCREAMING LIKE AN ANIMAL!". I let the lady who was giving me my order to let her know that I could hear her and told this lady what happened and she needed to get her hearing checked because after I pulled up, I could hear her telling the next driver that she couldn't hear them. The lady at the window apologized for the rude employee and I thanked her even though it was not her fault.

Had to write in this complaint because she had me very upset this morning, especially after I pulled forward and heard her comments.

Needless to say my granddaughter was VERY EMBARRASSED! She does not have good customer service and should be retrained or moved to a different position.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Mcdonalds Cons: Rude customer service.

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