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Me and my husband went to the McDonalds at 4600 West Sunset Ave in Springdale. That was a BIG MISTAKE.

First, I wanted a Diet Coke with my Big Mac meal and was told that they were out. How does a company as big as McDonalds run out of something?

Then, as I sat down, I realized that I wanted extra Big Mac sauce for my sandwich. There was a Mcdonalds worker at the booth behind me yapping on his cell phone. When I tried to get his attention, he ignored me.

Then when I finally got his attention, he said "WHAT" very rudely, like I was bothering him. When I told him that I wanted extra Big Mac sauce, he said he was on his lunch break and that I would need to get it myself. He should have gotten me the sauce - it's not like I was asking him to mop the floors or clean the kitchen - I just wanted him to get extra sauce!

HE WAS VERY RUDE AND SO WAS THE GIRL AT THE REGISTER. Whatever happened to customer service?

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

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Being out of something is not rude. That's just silly.

Places run out of things sometimes- it happens. Get over it. Also, that employee was not required to do anything for you or other customers while he was on his lunch BREAK. You were the rude one for interrupting somebody when he was talking on the phone.

If you wanted extra sauce, you should have gotten off your behind and spoken to an employee that wasn't on his or her lunch break.

Or you could have gotten it yourself. You don't have a reason to complain because the only one who was rude was you.


You are funny, you interrupt someone on a cell phone and are pissed he ignored you? You were bothering him, how do you know this was not an emergency call or he was talking to another customer.

He is on his lunch break and is not required to help a self entitled brat. If the sauce was out there you should have gotten it yourself, is it too much exercise for you? They are not required to help your self centered bratty self such as you when they are on lunch break. You would not want your lunch break interrupted if you had a job.

No one but you was rude, you interrupted him on his lunch break which was rude. I like how you call the employee a "girl" when you are the one acting like a three year old child.


No employee has to do anything customer related on their lunch (unless its a matter of life and death) I'm the same way. Unless it's a matter of life or death, my ears " break down" and refuse to work on my lunch break. Leave the guy alone.


Are you kidding. You are complaining about an employee getting you sauce.

You should be complaining about the unhealthy slop they call food.

Soon you will be complaining about the doctor helping you recover from obesity or heart problems. Make yourself a sandwich at home and shut up.


Well first of all..where should i start? Oh yes..just because they said they were out...that is not called rude that is called sorry we dont have anymore!

Duh...and the guy should have his break he is allowed to yap on his phone Mrs.Lea....Unless yuh don't know what that means...because actually like to do things on their breaks......maybe when yuh take yur breaks yuh get all pissed at people so yuh grab yur laptop or computer and go on pissed yuh start yapping about how yuh should be treated like royalty.

Yes...thats what yur suppose to do...get yur own sauce this is not denny's!!!! Its McDonalds yuh dont ask workers to get yuh yur sauce unless yur in the drive thru...remember sweetie this is reality not yur own little world with slaves!


hey everyone. what MsLea is really trying to say is if it DOES say Springdale, AR then that's how you know when the real psycho is talking. well the fake psycho I should really say.


Good for her for ignoring you. Most likely she ignored you because of your temper tantrum. How does Mcdonalds run out of items, easy people buy buy the drinks.



Another lie since you claimed your cell phone makes you post from another location. Besides these IP locations don't really work. The same poster who you claim is impersonating you some of his posts are from Chicago, some are from Germany with the same account you created so I think you manulipated the system to show different locations to pretend to be impersonated for attention.


No this is not a real complaint. This is another one of my imposters making fake posts.

I have never even been to this McDonalds location as a matter of fact. IF IT DOESN'T LIST SPRINGDALE, AR AS THE LOCATION THEN IT AIN'T ME.


Thanks for your response "me". I guess I know where the employees of McDonalds spend their time when they aren't helping customers.

And "no" - this is a real complaint.

The address is real and so is the pathetic customer service I received from this store.

And Big Bruce - do you have to comment on everything I post on this website? Get a life!


Take your meds and SHUT THE FUC&^%$#K UP LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :upset :upset :upset :upset :x :x :?

:? :grin


Take your meds and SHUT THE FUC&^%$#K UP LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :upset :upset :upset :upset :x :x :?

:? :grin


This person write fake complaints everyday. Not sure why. But if she ever does get treated poorly by an employee anywhere; she deserves it.


I don't know which is worse - demanding an unpaid employee cater to your every need or asking for a Diet Coke with a Big Mac.