Syracuse, New York

Went to the Ilion, NY McDonalds today to grab some lunch. Ordered a medium Big Mac meal with coke, a hamburger happy meal with a milk and a med. quarter pounder meal with a sprite. Pulled up to the window and sat there for about 5 minutes and no one was there. Finally a girl came to the window and was laughing a joking with a boy behind her then finally turned her attention to me and said "Whatchu order? I lost my order thang."

I told her "Big mac meal, pounder meal, happy meal". Then she disappeared for another 6 minutes so I knocked on the window and honked my horn. She came back out rolled her eyes at me and said in a very snotty tone "They makin it sir, patience is a virtue" Then she shut the window and walked away again. When she came back, she opened the window, pushed a bag at me without saying anything and shut the window and walked away again. She didn't give me the drinks I had ordered or the happy meal. I beeped my horn again and she came back and made it very clear she was annoyed with me. She just opened the window and looked at me and said "What?" I told her I still needed a happy meal and the drinks I payed for. She sighed loudly, rolled her eyes at me again and went and got them.

I checked the bags before leaving and there were no french fries. So, I parked my car, went inside and asked for a manager. I told the manager what the problem was and the whole time the girl stood there cutting me off mid sentence, and said "Well I AXED him what he ordered and he didn't say nothin about no fries!"

I will never ever go to that place again. I will go the extra 5 miles and hit the McD's in Herkimer the next time I want a junk food fix.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds French Fries.

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These people should get fire a.s.a.p, i'd met a lot of these people in my life so there's nothing suprising.....


lol What do you mean YOU'RE SURE my attitude was awful? You were not there, and you do not know me.

I was actually very polite to the girl. I was not rude and gave a lot more patients to HER awful attitude than she would have gotten from many people. And as for "getting over it" as far as I'm concerned there's nothing to get over.. I'll just go somewhere else from now on.

This is a complaint site for people who got *** service so others will know to steer clear of certain establishments.. so I told of my experience, as per the point of the website.

Why not leave helpful and/or constructive comments instead of acting like a child/troll? :roll


In actuality I was not attempting to mock you, only to respond to your childish comment and to elaborate on the situation and clarify my position. So now because you STILL can't offer constructive commentary and are now butt hurt at my "rebuttal", you chose to go completely off topic and attack a spelling error? This shows your lack of character and ability to come up with anything better to say. It's silly, but if that's how you want to play it I am happy to oblige.

*deep breath*

-There is no space in the word "you're" between the "u" and the apostrophe.

-"Actly" is not a word and I think you meant to spell it "acted".

-"Thru" is not a word. "Through" is a word.

-There should be a comma after the word "window".

-There should always be two spaces between the punctuation at the end of a sentence and the beginning of a new sentence.

So, before you offer a butt hurt rebuttal that is completely off topic and attacks someone else's spelling or grammar, you may want to consider spell checking your comment first.

You know, so you don't make yourself look like a huge ***.

Have a great day! I've got better things to do now. :)


Hahaha BURN! And anonymous wins by a mile

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