5010 Delhi Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45238
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Hello I live in Cincinnati Ohio

And we go to the Delhi Pike Mcdonalds

I have been wanting to make a complaint since this happened..

We went through the drive through

few weeks ago..and ordered like four ice creams..Was surprised it even worked..

But we heard a very rude comment made by the man taking are order...

He said " and people wonder why the machine never works" my daughter looked at me with the same look I had..

He was so rude because he dnt wanna make the ice creams...When I got to the window it was the manager that took are order..he had a red shirt and very blond hair was a young man..usually I see him in the evening...Tonight we went and naturally the ice cream machine is down

I along with many of us in this town

Joke on facebook about the ice cream machine...we never knew why the store even has one..I always thought something was not right...Well his comment confirmed it....they don't wanna bother making them

I Just feel the comment was rude

And we all feel just don't even have the ice cream at this location...Because they never serve it...

Thank you for your time

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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