Macon, Georgia

September 08, 2012

This evening, my sons and I went to McDonalds to order a meal, yes we had coupons buy one get one free and no we did not read the fine print, however, this is not the problem. When we went through the drive-thur, I was informed that they did not accept two coupons throught the drive-thur so we proceeded to go in.

Once in the facility, the you lady took my order and the manager came over and made the adjustments for the coupon. The young lady waited for a few minutes and informed management that I had another coupon. The manage Chae stood there as if she did not hear the young lady and then she slowly walked over and stated, in a rude manner that she could only serve me for one coupon, I then asked my son to come over and purchase the second order. Chae then stood there in took her time pretending as if she was writing something before she completed my transaction.

After the fact and I question her about being the manner, she made several smart comments and walked off.

I come to McDonalds almost every morning and numerous nights and week-ends. I think you need to retrain some of the managers at the store on 1670 Bass Road due to they are rude and they do not understand that when wer visit your store, we help pay their wages.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coupon.

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sorry that you can't get your entire meal for free. usually fast food places only accept one coupon per transaction which you should know since you apparently feed your kid fast food daily.


I find it hilarious that a fast food employee such as yourself has the balls to say this. All your people want are free things.

Good luck in your $15/hr.

Plan... go get a real job.


And it's so bad and sad to see customers like you thinking that these are people or employees or managers when they are calling you out for your stupidity. Once you're going to play stupid games and prizes with them you're going to get burned.


The majority of coupons state one per customer.


I am a 8 year hospitality professional. I also have worked at 3 different McDonalds in St.

Charles county, I left them due to the unprofessional, and even hateful management. People with dignity and respect, do not work for McD's.


Clearly your experience is not everybody else's. Maybe you need to stop and think about you and your life and leave others alone theirs. Typical jerk!


Awwww! Did someone state the truth about you and you McJob coworkers? Truth hurts don’t it honey?