New York, New York

The mcdonalds on prospect ave in the bronx is the most ghetto place on earth. The Workers are mostly under 25 and on more than one occasion i have witness gang Members loudly playing with staff all while on duty.staff could care less if people are happy .even management treat customers like animals.

Dont go to any of the Mcdonalds location because if its not the staff that is rotten, than its the food. Fast food is not waiting for 20min for hot soda and cold food. There was a time when eating at a Mcdonald was a family thing where you would either take your kids for a happy meal or just cofee before work.

The days of a fun, family friendly Mcdonald have gone with the wind. All that is left is unhappy customers what now.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #595855

The wording of your post sounds ghetto, yourself. Until you have walked in these employee's shoes, don't criticize.

to anonymous #1632184

It doesn't take much to see the same monkeyshines a person has seen all their life. "Walking in someones shoes" isn't going to change the decades of poor family history and social destruction that creates the ghetto by the hands of those who live there themselves.

Criticize all you want, because they don't listen. "Expectations, based upon past experiences" is a far cry from "racism".

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