Galesburg, Illinois
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Went to McDonalds with two small kids on Sat.April 15. While the kids were trying to make up their minds what they wanted she (Jessica) asked several times what we wanted.

When we finally got our order in, we asked how much the toys are. She told us the price and rang it up. In the meantime the kid's parents said no. So between clenched teeth she asked for someone to do an override.

This girl acted like we were intruding on her time and she had better things to do than wait for the kids to make up their minds what they wanted. then when she had to ask for an override she was really put out.

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Considering they were kids, the adult usually orders for them. And, most responsible adults also know whether or not they're buying the kids toys to go with the super sized Big Mac meal for the 4 year old before they get there, and if they are letting the kids have a choice, they better know before it's your turn to order.

And it's also great that you guys had to have another employee come over, why waste one person's time when you can waste 2 people's time.

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