Billings, Montana

I went to this Mc Donalds on I-90 and Johnson Road in Billings, MT. I ordered a tea and I was going to order a parfait.

Knowing the parfait is $1.00 These

hill billys charge $1.49 for a dollar..the so called manager was a white palto..i requested his name and he refused..also there are flys all over the place. My suggestion us to not eat at this Mc Donalds because these hillbillys here are RUDE!!!!

Also I asked another employee for this so called manager name and they refused. They also refused to give me their name also. None of these high school kids are wearing any name badges..that just shows how *** these northern people are.

What a bunch of *** hicks.Also it seems like that this male employee was flirting with every male customer there that was getting food.

I was never told by any employee to have a good day..also there are some mexicans working at this location..are they legal?? PROBABLY NOT:(

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

  • I-90 and Johnson Road
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Just so you know, all McDonalds employees are screened, so there are no illegal employees, in a correctly run restaurant.


You are a ***. Different locations charge different prices.

The flies are uncontrollable. The only options to get rid of them are to either spray poisonous chemicals (obviously not a viable choice), or catch them with our hands, and if we did that, idiots like you would complain about how unsanitary it is.

I hope this post was a joke. I don't want to believe that someone as *** as you could really exist.


Wow. Angry, ignorant, and racist much?

You sound like a real winner. :roll :roll


learn how to respect other cultures, hope they *** on your parfait.


Listen fool.. Fyi not all hispanics are mexicans..

Second not because a person

Looks hispanics that means they are not legal.. :x :( :upset


I agree with the other two comments. Also some of the people that you referred to as high school kids could be older.

Just because a person looks young, doesn't necessarily mean they are. I am 73 and when people find out my age for the first time they are amazed because I look 10+ years younger. Maybe you should try being nice and polite, because you can catch more flies with honey, than vinegar.

Speaking of flies, being the the drive through window is open almost constantly it is next to impossible to keep the flies out.


They are better than you A$$HOLE!!!!!!! Maybe you need to get off your high horse and not be a JACKA$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love McDonalds! :( :( :( :( :(


Maybe they aren't on the dollar menu anymore. They aren't in my area.

Perhaps you should read the menu first? OH, and leave your bigotry out of your "review" as it lends zero credibility to your complaint.