Chattanooga, Tennessee
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Update by user Oct 04, 2013

According to the Manager at this location Dusty is not the managers name but she did not want to tell me his name and stated she would retrain the employee. What a joke...

Original review posted by user Oct 03, 2013

I was in drive thru location at the Red Bank, TN store and had four cars in front of me parked and waiting on their orders. I was told to pull forward and wait, I told the young lady that's ok, I will just wait here for my order.

The shift manager, I think his name was Dusty come to the window and told me to either pull forward like I was told or he would just call the *** police.

My response to that was ok, call them. I finally got tired of the rude treatment and went inside and told them to just give me my money back and again was treated very rudely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $12.

  • rude employee
  • threatening employees
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One managers don't come over to the window unless there is a problem. So that would mean you didn't just say "okay".

You probably bitched about having to be moved forward and/or didn't move.

Here's something to think about...

1 in every 15 customers are actually pleasant, hence, I don't blame employees for being rude. I worked there forever ago, but if you're going to be an *** to them, typically they're going to treat you the same way.


So you acted like a petulant baby and THEY were being rude? Try again. :roll :roll


Get over yourself. why should the employees not just do their job and serve the customers in a timely manner like they are supposed to.


You poor big baby, what do you expect, that you can just sit by the drive up window and wait for your meal? That would be delaying other cars.

What is so hard about pulling into a parking place and waiting until an employee brings your food out to you? A lot of people do it almost every day, all across the nation.


I posted a similar response about McDondald's (shocking) and got the same answer. They tend to hire dummies and thugs for $6 an hour and we, the consumer, pay for it.

You can't complain or send your food back because the fry cook will wipe his butt with your sandwich. They make up the lack of quality with volume.

Hey Albert - you're a classy guy. Thanks for defending your burger dive with insults (which you couldn't even spell correctly) and hate speech . Have a nice McF-cking day you worthles piece of ***. I hope you have a grease fire and lose your eye brows.

Signed: pissed off ex-Customer.

@ex Customer

LMAO!!! Love it, that was funny!!!