Jackson, Michigan

I stopped in to the W. Michigan Ave.

(Jackson, Mi) location around 10:30pm to get our family some food and waited in line around 10 minutes. My husband and I had order $20 worth of food including 2 Mcdoubles with extra onions, 2 big macs with extra pickle, 3 fries, 2 drinks, chicken nuggets, etc. When we droce up to get our food the lady at the window was very rude. We checked our food after pulling up to noticed our order was messed up (the mcdoubles).

We went back thru the drive thru and the guy said due to the line being long to come inside. I went inside and waited to be helped but they acted as if I was invisible. I said EXCUSE ME when a young girl came over so I told her about the order being wrong and the girl laughed and thru the mcdoubles in the garbage and went in the back. I waited another ten minutes when I started to get MAD.

I tried to get someone to tell me what was taking so long but again I was invisible. With my 15 month old son in the car with my husband I just left. When I got outside I realized ..hey I just paid for items I never recieved so someone WILL do something and I stormed back inside to find the manager. I finally got him to come over and told him about everything and how now 35 minutes later my other $15 of food was FREEZING COLD.

He slapped down $5 on the counter and said have a good day. I was so embarrassed and I felt belittled. Like he was saying all I wanted was free money or a meal.


Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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You are being rude to your health just by eating at these places.

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #646325

Eat at McCrapples and you expected gourmet service! Not happening.

Thanks for my laugh of the day. :grin :grin :grin :grin

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #646289

I didn't realize that McDonald's advertised "have it your way." I thought that was one of their competitors that advertised the "have it your way." If you want things done that way, maybe you should patronize their competitor. But $20.00 worth of fast food is too much for two people.


Do your wallet and your health a favor and stop eating at these places. I say that to everybody. Fast food is why this nation is so fat and unhealthy.

to Lady Orlando, Florida, United States #649035

No fast food is not the reason why people are unhealthy. People are the reasons themselves are not healthy.

McDonalds, Taco Bell, casual restaurants like TGI Fridays, chilis, etc and find dining restaurants can't and don't force anyone to eat at their establishments.

People always want to put the blame on others but themselves. Each individual is responsible for what they put into their bodies unless they're a child.

to Anon #651928

Which is why I suggest people stop eating at these places.

to Lady Orlando, Florida, United States #649039

These type of complaints always give me a good laugh. If you don't realize how a drive thru at McDonalds is you should look at the line.

So of course you were invisible at that time. It's FAST food, they will always mess up a lot.

Your attitude is most definitely going to determine how you get treated in the end. They will give you your money back, they're not going to argue with you over $5 when there's a lot more people in line that they will make that money back from.

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