Tega Cay, South Carolina
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On 8/22/2014 at around 8:15 pm I walked into Mcdonalds at Tega Cay, South Carolina. It wasn't busy.

The service for the walk in customers was even chatting with a colleague of hers, I noticed this but was like, well thats odd. Anyway, the customers that were before me got served. I was still contemplating what to order and this Mcdonalds girl gives me a look and asks me ''can I do something for you?'' What?!! I was not there to bug her!!

So I told her, ''that is not the right phrase, it should be can I help you?'' She then started dancing and walking away like she was being rude to me and asked her manager to take my oder. That was unacceptable and just really bad. I insisted that she take my order. She did but was unapologetic the whole time.

The other customers who were there understood what I meant but, well, the Manager did not seem perturbed by the whole incident. Yeah. So when I return to Europe I will be sure to tell them this story, since I myself worked in Mcdonalds in Holland and we were very courteous to customers.

Maybe that is why I got successful. People like her do not amount to much, that is why I did not even argue much with her.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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She was rude? YOU were rude!

"Can I do something for you?" is another way of asking "Can I help you?" I don't blame her at all for asking her manager to take your order. I wouldn't want to deal with a customer like you, either. Unless she was actually nasty when addressing you, you have no reason to be complaining. The only rude person here is you.

If I were that employee, I would have lost my temper and quit right on the spot because I wouldn't have the patience to deal with folks like you. Besides, if she was so "rude," why would you insist that she be the one to take your order?

Wouldn't you want to deal with someone more polite? I don't buy your story.


What in the world? "Can I do something for you" is basically the same thing as "can I help you".

Same meaning. This is a McDonalds, not a fancy restaurant. If you want perfect language and manners, go somewhere where the servers actually make a living wage. Most people just walk up and tell their order.

Unless she actually said something rude to you, find a better way to spend your time than complaining for no reason, and question your insufferable self-importance. You insisted that she take your order??

Why are you taking this so personally?? You are the brat, not her.


No wonder..She's Dutch.


This is a ridiculous complaint and you were very rude to correct the employee like you did. How would you like me to come to your place of employment and start giving you attitude and correct you when you speak?

If I had been that employee, I would have quit before I would have taken your order! You are a bad person!


It is spelled "order" not oder. One would think that if you are going to call a woman a girl that you at least spell like an adult instead of like a third grade child.

It is not your job to tell her what she must say. "Can I do something for you" is the same way as asking "may I help you?" Again even a third grade child would know what she meant. Sounds to me like you have an attitude problem and were behaving childishly and you call her the "girl". Just because she did not offer to help in words a feeble brain like yours understands does not mean she was being rude.

You call her a girl when it is you behaving like a child. She has every right to refuse to serve you, and if you wanted your meal you should have went to someone else. I know this hurts your feelings but she did not want to serve you after your attitude. Also did the other customers really understand you and think you are correct or in your five year old mind is that your belief.

Funny calling her a girl when you behaved like an eight year old. You can tell everyone your story but they will just laugh at you, and if they had better manners than you they would do it behind your back rather than in your face.