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This was not the first time coming to this McDonalds around this time, if not this was really early for me and my girlfriend, We’ve ordered a cheeseburger with some fries and a drink then were told our total and to come to the window, I was not greeted by the first lady who was running the window which wasn’t the problem. She told me the amount instead but I had a mobile coupon for the fries, buy one get one for a certain price, (again we’re usually here around 2-3 am and never had an issue even with coupons) she memorized the 4 digit code and came back to give me the total again and that they couldn’t accept it, Her tone sounded as if she was speaking to a human for the first time, so I didn’t pay no mind but yet asked if it was because they couldn’t take credit cards hoping to inform them another manager who is always in a uniform as if she runs the store never had a problem taking my coupons and her response was “ummm ah yeah” like a lie you tell your parents if they asked you if you’ve done your chores, again didn’t pay no mind but just waited for our food.

As we wait she never took a step away from the window but turned around and socialized, felt like a long time only because my girlfriend and I were discussing why the coupon wasn’t accepted and her rude tone, she turns back around to open the window only to hand us our food and to ask if we got our drink, the whole time she was leaning and talking not one time she must of asked if the only customer we were helping ordered and paid for a drink 10 minutes ago, so I said No. She then closed the window only to lead me to think she began to fill our drinks but I waved to ask for some condiments, which she gave a small amount of but was told to have a goodnight, without our drink. I stayed and she just stood there facing us not reopening the window when it was obvious we were waiting so I hand signaled a drink when she finally answered rudely again “whut” “what did you order?” My girlfriend went to answer “a coke” when I stopped her, If it wasn’t for all the rude tones and the fact we saw her socializing when it could of been acceptable to at least ask the only customer ordered and paid for a drink, I said “Shouldn’t you know this?” And the rudest facial expression took over with a rude remark followed by slamming the window closed.

I only order 3 different itmes and is the only time I ever had any trouble with anything. Definitely am not going back around those hours

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $9.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

McDonalds Cons: Customers and employees.

  • rude employee
  • badly trained employees
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I think that the Federal Government should give $500 in "Food Coupons" to all of the McDonald's employees who are working for minimum wage. Then, they could go buy something for $1.01 a few times, and each time hand over two "Food Coupons" so that they could get 99cents change. Then, once they've done this a few times they would have enough money to get themselves a pack of cigarettes to smoke, to help take off the nervous edge that they get from their irritating job.I know that if I worked at Mickey D's that I would be deeply inhaling each drag from my cigarette each time that I would take a break.


I was in Winn Dixie in Wetumpka, Alabama and this old man in line was paying for his groceries with one of the brand new redesigned bills that had just came out. He exclaimed "The new money looks like food stamps!", and everyone all started laughing, especially this one blond cashier who was literally crying with laughter.


You get your money ain't for nothing, and your checks for free. That ain't workin', that's the way you do it.