4711 Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, CA 92109
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Stopped here on the way from San Diego back to Las Vegas. I ordered a Big Mac meal, Quarter Pounder meal and 2 - 10 piece McNuggets (we had a coupon from the App that if you bought one you got the other for .50 cents).

The problems began when the register person didn't inform us that buying a 20 piece McNuggets was actually cheaper then 2-10 pieces, because it was on sale. That aside, it took nearly 25 -30 minutes for our food to be ready. I repeatedly asked to speak to the manager as I waited there and finally she came when the meal finally was ready and compensated me by taking off the charge for the McNuggets ONLY! This is after I asked that the entire meal should be comp due to the excessive amount of time I had to wait, but her reply was that she would get in TROUBLE!

I noticed a "How Did We Do" sign that said if anything was wrong to contact the following number 619.721.2348 and mention store 25166. I instantly did so and left a message about my experience. Two days later I did the same thing and finally one more time on Thursday the 13th of June 2019. As of this date NO ONE has ever contacted me back.

I am absolutely incensed , ONE because of the atrocious service and lack of proper compensation by the Manger of the location, but more importantly TWO because of the audacity of having a sign that asks customers to give their feedback and then to have NO ONE return my three calls about the service.

It is impossible to improve the service of your stores if the regional management aren't doing their jobs. I would say that I would never visit a location of yours again based on this lack of service and then follow-up, but realistically we know that is very unlikely because you are McDonalds, but I can say with absolute certainty that I will NEVER visit that location again and that I will use all available social media outlets to make sure others don't.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $22.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

McDonalds Cons: Customer service and follow up.

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You are not entitled to a refund. If you cannot afford Mcdonald's do not dine there.


The only way that I can afford to eat at McDonald's is by using the Booger King coupons that they send me in the mail. Actually, I think that their food is so breezy that it is only worth the lower prices that I pay using the Booger coupons. If I had to pay the regular price I probably wouldn't eat there anymore.


Everyone should quit complaining and start tipping their hard working McDonald's employees. They are working very hard for a very low amount of money. When the food comes out delicious, I think that a dollar tip would be in order.


Ok let’s address your idea of proper compensation. Now you claim to be from Vegas so I can tell you that no one in Vegas would have comped your whole meal.

Firstly it was busy and you know this. It’s not like the employees were goofing around. They were filling orders. Secondly, you really are a piece of work.

Your wait time was NOT 25-30 mins. Nice exaggeration. You are turning your entire time there into your supposed wait time in order to play the best victim you can. Third, you were given a proper compensation.

Other then having nice fresh and hot food you got you nuggets for free. In no way does the amount of time you REALLY had to wait mean that you are going to get the whole meal for free. That’s just the greedy twit waffle that you truly are reading it’s considerably ugly head. Why should YOU get a free meal because YOU had to wait in line like everyone else.

That you had to WAIT for food to COOK like everyone else. You are NOTHING SPECIAL!!! You deserve nothing extra and to be honest you really should learn patience AND manner. It’s quite clear that no one taught you the correct way to behave.

Real life isn’t a webpage and thing take time to happen. Please refrain from telling everyone you’re from Vegas, you really do give them such a negative view by your post. What you have posted is this...... WAHHHHHH!!

Wahhhhh! I had to wait!!!! I should be given free stuff because I had to wait!!!! Gimme free stuff or I will badmouth you online so you will be forced to give me something for free to go away!!

You’re a spoiled piece of ghetto trash with less character then a four page book!! Do the whole world a favor and make that sharp right hand turn on Hoover!!


The great thing about living in Las Vegas is all of the low cost meals and buffets that you can get from the casinos which are open 23 and a half hours a day.


Usually you have to wait in a very long line when you go to soup kitchens The foul odor coming from all of the clientele there ruins your appetite. Especially the clientele who appear as if they need their diaper changed. I avoid those places like the plague.


People should know the difference between a establishment for people who have money and people who are poor and who don't have money belong to a soup kitchen. It's clear that this customer is looking for attention.


Everyone can afford to eat at McDonald's. Even dumpster divers can scrounge up a dollar for a large drink, and a couple of dollars for dollar menu boogers and then just go inside the "restaurant" and mill around for an hour or so. Plus, they can then go take a bird bath in the restroom.


Hey, even when I was McHomeless and penniless, I would go dumpster diving every day and make enough money to pay for my own food and drink. It was disgusting work, but it gave me alot more self respect that standing in line at the Soup Kitchen.

I would be rolling my shopping cart full of cans and bottles by the place and the derelicts waiting in line would heckle me and make fun of me. I just ignored them. Those people who would eat the soup kitchen were so extremely rude and stinky that they would ruin the meal for you. The food wasn't very good to begin with, and it would be packed tight in there with hardly any room to move around.

I was probably smelling all of these people's unwiped assetts. You could literally feel the bacteria leaping off of them and jumping through the air on you. I would much rather smell the stench coming from the trash cans and dumpsters that I would pull the cans and bottles out of.

I may have been a dumpster diver, but I was working for my money each and every day, unlike all of the lazy poor people who would stand in line at the soup kitchen. And all of the lazy people who wait in the line at the drive thru at McDonalds are just making their assets become Super-Sized by their lack of physical activity.


Except for a few of you....most of you have missed the point of this complaint. I don't need to go to soup kitchens or was I expecting a "free" meal when I went.

It should not take a "fast food" establishment 25 minutes to make food, especially when it is all they make.

I didn't order anything special or without things, etc. Secondly, the service at this Mcdonald's was only part of the complaint....to have the ability to voice your complaint to someone higher, especially at their request to do so, and then hear nothing back from them is as I have said earlier just atrocious customer service, nothing more nothing less.


There is a difference between understanding a complaint and understanding when a customer isn't telling the truth!


One of the worst things about going to a soup kitchen is the gross stale bread that they usually feed you. And hey pal, you need to quit accusing everyone of making stuff up.

It sounds like you may have a little too much time on your hands. You should volunteer your time at a soup kitchen helping to feed the nice ladies and gentleman who eat there. (now I admit, many of the ladies there don't act very lady like, and many of the men eating there don't act very gentle.) You better brace yourself for dealing with some exceptionally rude people whose parents never taught them any manners. They Burp, *** and Cough without covering their mouths and the stench of the unwashed bodies is enough to take your breath away.

(literally, you'll be holding your breath). Good luck with your new endeavor.


Umm. That's ridiculous.

For calling out customers that are trying to start something with the employees and managers or trying to get something for free. There are plenty of people that are able to tell when customers lie and fabricate details to the managers and the employees.

If anybody being accused of something it is the customers that are trying to get away with anything. Clearly nobody has taught you 'No, the customer is always right.'


Look they should not comp your entire meal. They are not a soup kitchen.

You should be grateful that they at least took the nuggets off. You are nothing but a spoiled entitled brat. If you cannot afford to eat at Mcdonald's then don't I am sure that there are soup kitchens and food banks for people like you who cannot afford to feed themselves. She should not risk losing her job to comp you for everything because you cannot afford to feed yourself.

If she did she would be in the same boat as you. SInce you had no issue eating the food you should have no issue paying for it. You should be embarrassed to be asking for a free meal. You ate the food, you pay for it.

This is not a charity. Obviously your parents never taught you shame.


Who said they couldn't feed themselves, dunce? She was clearly upset by the long wait for, say it with me now, FAST food.

I would have just comped, as taking the monetary hit then would mean at least she would come back in the future. Obviously your parents never taught you humility, respect, or how to use your brain.


Just because a customer says something had happened to them does not mean that had happened to them. People are always able to tell when they lie and fabricate.

Maybe you need to take your advice and use your brain. It's going to help you understand that!


Agreed. It's so bad and and sad to see customers that do this to the employees and managers.


Take a hint: they are trying to get rid of you.


With her attitude and entitlement issues I can see why they want to get rid of her. She just wants free meals because she cannot afford to eat out.

Her parents never taught her to have dignity.

She should be ashamed of herself for trying to get her meal for free because she cannot afford to feed herself. There are soup kitchens and other programs to help people in her situation.