Woodbridge, Virginia

Two fat loud mouthed sheboons got into a fight with a few niglets today at McDonald's. The turd throwing, cat 5 chimp out erupted when one Niglet said to one of the sheboons, " we iz likez yo eye fone 4 an sheet.

Gibs me dat!" The "gibs me dat," is tnb and is known to trigger chimp outs. The overweight ghetto ape refused and turned into an all out chimpfest.

Food was thrown, people were severely beaten, *** was smeared on the windows, and sheboon weaves were ripped off and thrown about. A group of teenage white kids laughed so hard at the affair that one *** himself.

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I’m not shocked at all.


Im not Mexican. I'm white.

Why are you a snl? (sympathetic n_gger lover)


Drink your beer and eat your tacos Howard!!!! I was talking to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dont believe I was talking to you Howard!!!! Do you even have LEGAL PAPERS TO BE IN THIS COUNTRY??


Seems like concerned citizen is angry about this person reporting the wild monkeyshines of his fellow people.


*** lowlife SLIMEBALL!!!!!!!!! Oh wait!!! Thats being TOO NICE TO SCUMS LIKE YOU!!!!!