Knoxville, Tennessee
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On the way to the airport to drop me off to visit my mom who had a stroke this past week, we stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and hot chocolate for the kids. As we left McDonalds, the hot chocolate spilled on my 6 year old daughter's lap causing severe burns below her waist.

When I saw her blistered skin, I knew I couldn't continue to the airport and went to the emergency room at Children's Hospital in Knoxville, TN instead. There, upon inspecting the burns, it was arranged for us to be transported to the burn unit in Cincinnati at Shriner's Children's Hospital who is now caring for the burns. She is still in a lot of pain 4 days later as we are required to change the bandages twice daily.

I do not understand the benefit of serving hot chocolate this hot. Hasn't McDonald's learned this before?

Monetary Loss: $9999.

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It's not their fault hot chocolate spilled. It was an accident- simple as that.

It was no one's fault, although you should have let the drink cool off a bit before giving it to her. Better yet, you should have given her juice or milk.

Maybe even plain old chocolate milk.


"As we left McDonalds, the hot chocolate spilled on my 6 year old daughter's lap causing severe burns below her waist."

It is hot chocolate, accidents happen. I sure hope you are not trying to sue for something your own fault.

You should not have given a six year old hot chocolate until it was cool for her to drink.

Perhaps someone needs to contact CPS for your stupidity and total negligance. As a matter of fact I will do that myself.


Are you *** kidding me?


Ummmmm, it's HOT chocolate!!!!

smart guy

Your fault for choosing to support a company that causes more deaths then any major cigarette companies.

@smart guy

Hate top say it SMART GUY but you really need to STFU.... :( .


That's happened several times before at McD's. One in NM had a ~$600,000 lawsuit for it when a 79-year-old woman spilled a full cup of coffee on her lap and had to get skin grafts for third-degree burns.

The temp for brewing coffee, from what I've read, is 200°F, serving temp 180°F.

I got one today and (after blowing heavily on it) burned my tongue and had to wait at least 20 minutes before I could drink it, even with 3 creamers, 3 liquid sugar shots, and 3 sweeteners (large sweet tooth lol). The reason they do that is because they say most of the customers who get coffee go through the drive-thru and probably wait a bit before they drink it (which most don't).


When you order hot chocolate, what do you expect? You could have ordered plain milk or juice for your kids.