Kellogg, Idaho

I visit McDonalds in Kellogg, Idaho because there's any other restaurants in the rural area besides Subway and this one. Sunday afternoon on June 9, I ordered 2 McChicken, 4 Dollar Hamburgers and a Large Drink at the drive-thru.

The 4 Dollar Hamburgers were for my husband since he wanted some for a snack. The service is very polite with honest smiles on their faces and that's the good part. The bad part however is the food. The McChickens tasted okay but spicy (shouldn't be that way), but the Hamburgers as soon as I got home and let my husband open the wrappers it was bad.

It consisted on a thin hamburger patty, ketchup, mustard, thin chopped onions (a teaspoon), and a slice or slice and a half of pickles inside a fat squished bun.

Doesn't supposed that in order to do a real hamburger it could be with real round onions, some pickles like 3 o 4, and balanced seasonings? Why when you pay 5 or 6 dollar specialty hamburger it has the round onions, when the dollar one is shredded?

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Hamburger.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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This location is a train wreck. Staffed mostly by tweakers, it should be avoided.

Filthy lobby and surly staff, two of last three visits got the wrong food. Eat a candy bar and wait till you get to coeurdalene.


Not to be rude... But you are obviously a *** ***.

It's the dollar menu at McDonalds and you expect more than the absolute *** the entire franchise is known for? Go back to California.


What do you expect for $1. Do you expect a REAL burger?

Something that is like homemade?

Ha ha ha ha ha. dumb ***


You get what you order. A McDonalds hamburger has all of that on it with the exact quantities you specified.

It comes with a small amount of onions and one pickle, if you want more just ask. Why complain about a hamburger you paid a dollar for.

If you want the better ingredients get the better burger and pay for it.


YES, the mcchicken is supposed to be slightly spicy, they are mass produced and each one is supposed to taste more or less the same.

As for the burgers, you get what you pay for what were you really expecting for $1?


Because of the difference in price. Or it could be that they have switched to the diced onions.