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I only ever come to McDonald’s for my kids. And today we were at sky zone next to one and we got done and went to come eat here at McDonald’s.

Firstly I waited 10mins to even have my order taken and when it was the cashier was mad about having to take my order. Then manage to not put no onions on my sandwich. She was more interested in the man behind me talking to an employee. The crew is all on their phones not willing to help take care of customers.

I wasn’t giving any sauce for my kids nuggets so I had to them go back and get it and it was a hassle.

And screw my burger I wanted no onions but damn if I’m letting them fix it and wait another 15mims for a burger I’ll just pick it off. I hate coming to any of the surrounding McDonald’s period.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Actually, that picture looks pretty good. I have a Hankering for a good hamburger, but I don't like dealing with all of the goofing off idiots that work at the McDonalds that I patronize from time to time. It's a c.r.a.p.shoot, I never really know if the food is going to trun out good, or turn out gross and usually at this time of the day there is a long line that I definitely don't think is worth waiting in.


You should never wait ten minutes to place your order at a fast food joint---there are many others around and it's best to just walk away and go elsewhere even if inconvenient. That said, from your description of the McDonald's employees, two things are evident: there is a lack of supervision by management and the employees themselves have no concept of how to perform that, or probably any job, ie., poor work ethic.

And, remember these are the same people who think they should be making $15 an hour!

Buy a couple of pounds of hamburger and some buns and make your own at home. Make it a fun thing to do with the rug rats.

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