Pikesville, Maryland
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We went to the McDonalds at 6005 Liberty Road, Baltimore, MD 21207. The young lady act as if we were waking her up in taken our order.

The same lady collecting our money give us the wrong change, and then we collected our food. still neither ladies gave you a smile. She cheated us out of a quarter which is no big deal but how many more people did she cheated.

the store is 2942 and the date was 1/24 at 15:23 PM.

Did services with a smile go out and you no longer used that slogan? Place people at the window who can count.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Deal.

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What do you expect? You were at a McDonald's in Baltimore.

Did you really think the black girl was going to act happy and not steal from you?

Take it from me, go to a nice white establishment like Chic fil a. They don't hire minorities so you get great service

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