Syracuse, New York

I went into McDonalds a few days ago while two workers, Matt and Antonette, we're working together. First off, Matt never greeted me.

While Matt was taking my order, Antonette kept winking at him and he'd smile back at her ignoring what I was saying forcing me to have to repeat my order several times. They continued flirting while I was ordering, it was very disturbing as a customer. After finally getting my order, he walked over to her and began flirting with her even more. They made their relationship a priority over my food, and when I began to get angry, I asked for a manager.

That's when I found out that Antonette was in fact the manager, making me furious. My order took a long time to come out because they were too busy with each other AND my order was all wrong.

I have never had such horrible customer service. I can honestly say, I will not step in there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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You should complain to either the owner if it is a franchise or to Corporate McDonald's. Generally they have their number posted on the drive through window.

Personally I wouldn't have kept repeating my order. I would have noted their names and left, then reported them to the appropriate place.


Most likely you were angry because no one loves you in a romantic way and you were jealous. Wished they flirted with you.