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Yesterday My Wife Asked Me She has craving to have a burger , as if I elaborate on the way home we passed by a bread factory the smell of freshly baked bread was all around the area , as she said the smell is mouth watering what if we had a fine fried chicken patty with lots of onions and lettuce if its spicy then it would be awesome , I couldn't fulfill her wish that day as I was busy with some work, Today I decided to go out and I got little late getting home. today 10:30 P.M in specific i reached MC DONALD'S store near my home as in previous experiences as I am a constant traveler that too by road I prefer MC DONALD'S if I could find one mostly because of the hygiene , quality Of The Food That we can trust blindly, And moreover the graciousness of the staff, But today things went upside down as we have my 1.5 year old son with us I asked the staff who was billing my order , if I could get a balloon for my son because the store was filled with balloons sticked to the walls the response was something like this ,behind the pillar there may be some balloons u can have it ,his attitude was like I am a beggar begging for his consent I silently picked up a dirty balloon from the floor as I couldn't console my son without it as he was crying loudly, we then picked us a spot where almost all the tables were dirty filled with left overs of the food , I demanded to clean it, 10 minutes later a staff came and cleaned the table then he rudely asked me enough! I felt for a second as I am a convict and these gentlemen who were suppose to serve me food acting like cops and I was under their custody I silently waited for the food in a dirty surrounding were nobody bothered to clean if I will say clearly "filthy" would be the correct word for it, we ordered a maharaja mc medium meal and a plain maharaja mac, the food was cold and even the fries tasted like fried in vanaspathy and cold too, I thought for one second if I took my family to a street food joint they would have showed us more courtesy and obviously would have served us better food , The Story of Richard and Maurice MC Donald , Always fascinated me there trade secret was nothing but good food and a big smile, And obviously Ray Kroc could expand this legacy used nothing but following strict standards , But sorry to say I got hurt and I regret visiting MC DONALD'S Today, I want to let u guys know one thing you are there because of us and every business or service has a purpose if its lost everything is.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: No One Else Should Go Through This Kind Of Arrogance.

McDonalds Cons: Dirty service.

  • Mcdonalds Lack Of Service
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I'm very confused about the price is it 5.00$ or 500.00??


They JUST lost their purpose? I think that McDonald's "lost their purpose" about 40 years ago!


I'm still confused about the connect with your wife wanting a burger, the smell from a bakery, and the desire for a "fine, fried chicken patty," preferably spicy, with onions and lettuce. That being said, sorry about your poor experience at McDonald's.

I would reach out to the store management with your complaint. And, yes, street food would have tasted better.


The Idea of the burger came only after the smell , These losers who call themselves "{{redacted}} Donalds" advertise *** , And common people would only think , these bogus are all true. It happened to me and mistakes are only done once.


The smell of the unwashed vagrants in the McDonald's was overpowering and I had to quickly grab all of my food and hold it to my chest as I briskly walked out of the "restaurant".


Good plan: try street food.


Maybe you should pray for them to be blessed.

@Pray For Your Enemies

They are already blessed , why hesitate in showing some one a little manners over their blessing


Thank U Anonymous For your valuable Advice