San Jose, California

Hi my name is jafet I an a mc donalds fanatic, but I have an issue I got to mc donalds located in International blvd and 98Th ave in Oakland ca every time I go there I get cold,rong food,and bad customer service I live on 96Th ave. I'm willing to send my bank statement to prove that every day I purchase 50 dollars of food for my family its sad to now that the managers or owners do not care.

Today I went in and the manager was a Latina I asked her to sell me ranch and I gave her 2 dollars she gave me 3 no recipe I ask for one she got mad.

I asked her how much was a ranch and she said 45 cents. I would really appreciate if some one can contact me, I'm so upset about this issue once again

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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The sauces are for the nuggets only.

They charge for extra sauces.


Oakland is the *** capital of the u s. obviously you are a *** due to your spelling and ghetto grammar. Why don't you shove your face in a KFC pot pie and let all the gravy saturate your ugly nappy fro you ugly ignorant ***


they will give you free condiments, call the 1800 number if they don't.

Also you don't spend 50$ a day at mcdonals thats 50 double cheeseburgers.

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