Haines City, Florida

Tampa,Florida..........I ordered a hamberger,fries and a Smoothie, and ate in the restaurant....looked at the bill and I was charged for eating in the place.........46 cents.....maybe not much to you all but when did Mcdonalds start charging for eating in...............Ellen Young

I will not take my 5 grandchildren to Mcdonalds if you are going to charge a sit down fee..............Never really looked at the meal ticket before now............is that a charge for each person that orders or just a one time ticket amount please email me the responce until then we will be going to Wendy's or Berger King from now on.............

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They also charge a drive through tax as well they collect a "tax" for every transaction. Here in Michigan we have no tax on prepared foods. However they charge there McDonald's tax on all order dine in or tax out.


I got charged 1.23 for tax just because I dined in. I have the bill right in front of me.

Subtotal 18.24

Tax 1.23

Eat-In-Total 19.47

I didn't know McDonald's was charging to eat inside.


Hey chump you're paying sales tax on top of state tax. smh


I live in Massachusetts. They charged me 5.87 for a EAT IN meal that cost 5.49 before tax.

Mass tax is 6.25% which should be 5.83 not 5.87. Just think after 100,000 people get charged a few cents extra.

McDonald's is racking in the dollars one cent at a time. Done eating here


Tasteless food... tasteless tactics !!!


*** that was the tax....bihhh


The way to beat that say no to dinning inn , so you won't be charged & then eat there anyway.


They do charge an eat in fee. I ask the cashier. I also am through with McDonalds.


It's just sales tax, if you order to go, they charge a to go tax. I think you will find it is the same.


they throw an extra 25 cents on here if you're eating in. it says "dining room fee." the tax is separate.

so we always just say we're getting it to-go. we're consciencious people, bus our trays, etc. i'm sure they still wipe the table, because the have to..

but no one would notice someone'd eaten there either way. so i don't really feel bad about not paying the *** 25 cents.


I've worked at McDonald's and with some of the stuff people do to destroy that lobby, there really should be an extra charge for eating in.


I'm a manager at mcdonalds and the "eat in tax" is your sales tax, if you get it to go it will say "take out tax" and in drive thru is says "drive thru tax".


Maybe it should be labeled sales tax than. You wouldnt sell a car and put "tire fee" on the bill and say its sales tax.


" I won't go to McDonald's again "

And now you just added 10 more years to your life


I went in to the McDonald's in Monahans, Tx and ordered to go. When I looked at my receipt I noticed I was charged 50 cents for "eating in".

I mentioned this to the cashier and she smiled and said they charge everyone a 50-cent fee for "eating in" whether they eat in or not! Now that's a rip off and why I won't go to McDonald's again.


Some Mcdonalds DO charge an eat-in/sit-in fee. I don't understand why some of you are such ignorant ***


I live in Florida and they don't charge to eat inside.


The idiocy being displayed here makes me weep for humanity.


To the people saying she is an *** for not knowing if its a tax or a charge for eating in obviously don't think outside the box. Here in ohio we don't pay tax on food and that also goes for fast food, the only tax we pay is on the pop at the fast food.

they do charge you to eat inside, but to take out or drive thru no charge. i don't know how the other states work but the lady maybe right, she might of got charged to eat there.


I live in Cleveland Ohio and Burger King charge for dinning in ,I always say to go and they will not charge me for dinner in , but I eat and stay inside

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