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So I was in the store Monday around 1pm in ny, ny on 8th ave between 34th and 35th and after eating I get up to leave and slip and smash the floor. My knee is bruised and cut in 2 places but not broken.

However my iPad bro that was in my book bag and cellphone in my pocket were both cracked. So far ive missed 2 days of work cause between the 2 trains I have to take I also have to walk almost a mile and I can not walk much more than to my bathroom. A cab is around $30 one way and I can not afford $60 each way. So I’m not sure how much work I am going to miss.

Worse part is I don’t think a lawyer will take my case cause my knee is not broken just severely bruised. I just want McDonald’s to at least replace my broken items at the very very least.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You have issue watching where you are walking they owe you nothing. The reason that a lawyer won't take your case is because they know that you are in the wrong and were careless.

Learn how to be more careful. Mcdonald's is not required to replace the items you broke because you were not careful.


Why should you contact a lawyer because you fell due to being careless? Next time watch where you are walking.

The reason that a lawyer won't take your case is because they know that you will lose since you were careless. They are not required to replace your broken items because you were careless and broke them when you fell.