Eden Prairie, Minnesota
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I went to McDonalds at 1751 Madison Ave, Council Bluffs,IA.. They have a small drive through and one reserved spot, but they we're sending everyone to reserved spot.

Give me a break they aren't that busy start making food.. Then to top of my visit the guy in front of me got my food and he rummage through my food. Then he returns it back in McDonalds and the worker turned around and brought it to me. I told the young lady we didn't want to because the rummaged through the bag.

She proceeds with no he didn't.. Okay I have been in customer service since I as thireen and now.thirty-seven..

The customer is always right. That is just gross who wants to eat food another had their games in.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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You do know that McDonalds paper bags all have the same design? Just because someone brought his bag in doesn't mean you got that same bag.

And IHSC is right - if you were in customer service, you should know that customers lie, cheat, exaggerate, and scam to they can get their way to get free stuff or to exchange their used underwear they bought a year ago.


wow, seriously? sometimes they have to let food cook and it takes longer.

if you have to wait a few extra minutes to eat 1,000 calories then wait.

and you've never been in any customer service because the customer isn't always right. seriously, people sound like a 5 year old that didn't get their way when they say that.