This irough s not a complaint about service. I am upset about the way the company has gotten progressively cheaper in its service quality.

I noticed it at first when my once favorite item on the menu, the Mcgriddle, was reduced to the size of a sausage biscuit at the same price. I was heartbroken to the point where I don't even waste my time with that item anymore. I just don't buy it.isit

On a later visit through the drive through I ordered a meal including french fries to find out after i drove away I was not provided with ketchup packs for the fries. I thought it was an accident until it happened everytime I ordered fries.

I realized it was a new penny pinching company policy when it happened in multiple places. Why do I have to ask for ketchup for french fries?

This morning I found more cheapness when my breakfast burritos and parfait have gone through the shrinkage also.

This type of policy change has me seriously thinking about not eating at McDonalds anymore. The value for your money is slowly but steadily disappearing.

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Yeah I wasn't happy today I went through the drive-through and got a yogurt parfait which I thought was a great value all these years I got a little cup of nothing


I agree- the parfaits and doubled in price and halved in size. pathetic.


You are correct.On another notice, have you seen how thin Big Mac patties are, how can you make them so thin.Also the price of french fries is too costly per small, medium, or large.On a similar issue at Wendy's I noticed they don't fill up their chili cups and can be up to 3/4" in inch short. Also noticeable is the bottom of the chili cup has a 1/2" inch recessed bottom, false real bottom.

to californiarobbie #1473053

A uniquely American problem. Patty size shrinkage.


We just got McGriddles they are probably half size used to be. What a rip off.


This phenomenon is also taking place in the grocery stores. Peanut butter, mayonnaise and other containers are sucking in the size. Next time your in a store turn a jar over, almost all jars bottom are concave, like a white wine bottle.

Brownsville, Texas, United States #1262803

The sausages on the sausage biscuit is smaller than before,,, why?


stop your whining and eat elsewhere...who uses ketchup on fries anyways ? get a life


Some people don't want ketchup with their fries so why would a company, who presumably is in business to make money, waste money by giving people condiments they don't want. Why is it so hard to ask for what you want?

FYI, mcgriddle cakes, burritos, and parfaits are the same size they've always been. Perhaps you're getting bigger and so they seem smaller.

to Anonymous Jackson St Forest, California, United States #1292392

***. They are smaller and smaller size and lower price is deceptive.

to McGriddle lover #1367607

Lol your name is funny. They totally have gotten smaller.

I just got one for the first time in years and googled it. It took me here.

to Another McGriddle Lover #1384643

They are way smaller. Which is fine reduce the price put it on the dollar menu maybe. Then it seems fair.

to Anonymous #1348273

Perhaps your minds altered 24/7 and you're too stoned to notice. Everyone's reducing they're portion sizes and increasing their prices.

How else will they offset the minimum wage increases?

Just wait till the minimum wage reaches $15.00 an hour. A hamburger or sausage patty will be the size of a quarter.

to AwakeAlert15 #1386237

You’re right! AND the jobs will be automated.... so they won’t have to worry about that!

to Anonymous #1424966

i dont know about the mcgriddles but definitely the burritos are smaller than the originals back in 2007.

to Anonymous #1489829

Parfaits r for sure smaller I just had one that was almost half the size


I too noticed that the breakfast burrito has gotten smaller. I ordered two this morning and immediately noticed they were a good bit shorter than they used to be.

No reduction in price though.

I will make a point to eat at McDonalds a lot less from now on.

This made me mad as ***!

Who do they think they are?

Did they think that we would not notice or not care? I will protest by keeping my money in my pocket and save it by eating at home more often!!


Most fast food restaurants have a "condiments available upon request" policy to cut down costs. Why provide ketchup if you aren't going to use it.

However the one that I worked at about a year ago would ask you at the speaker and window if you would like any ketchup, salt and pepper etc...

But I have noticed they changed their french fry container for the small and the apple dippers have like 5 slices in them and I don't think they offer caramel with them. Next time just ask for ketchup :)


The vast majority of customers do not use ketchup with their fries, so that is why McDonald's does not include them automatically. The parfaits and burritos have been the same size for years; either you do not visit McDonald's often, or you don't read the website before you visit.

to Zach Chicago, Illinois, United States #552782

Really??? You said "...or you don't read the web site before you visit..." Are you kidding? Darn, I'm hungry, but I can't go eat anywhere because my internet is down!!!

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