Houston, Texas

This irough s not a complaint about service. I am upset about the way the company has gotten progressively cheaper in its service quality.

I noticed it at first when my once favorite item on the menu, the Mcgriddle, was reduced to the size of a sausage biscuit at the same price. I was heartbroken to the point where I don't even waste my time with that item anymore. I just don't buy it.isit

On a later visit through the drive through I ordered a meal including french fries to find out after i drove away I was not provided with ketchup packs for the fries. I thought it was an accident until it happened everytime I ordered fries.

I realized it was a new penny pinching company policy when it happened in multiple places. Why do I have to ask for ketchup for french fries?

This morning I found more cheapness when my breakfast burritos and parfait have gone through the shrinkage also.

This type of policy change has me seriously thinking about not eating at McDonalds anymore. The value for your money is slowly but steadily disappearing.

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Yep! I just ordered their breakfast burrito combo, which has always been one of my favorites.

I was really pissed to take the first one out of the bag and realize they had shrunk in size by a good 33%!!! At the same price!!


It is true. The Egg McMuffin I was just looking at was the size of a biscuit.

I don’t want a lot of calories, so in that regard, it’s ok. But not ok for this monstrous company to shrink items to get even richer and penny pinch the public who would like the original size.

You aren’t fooling anyone McDonald’s. You are too greedy, it’s scary.


I have noticed the breakfast sausage patty on the Sausage biscuit is smaller too. Almost can't taste the sausage, but just biscuit. Very very disappointing.


Have the pies shrunk too? Ronald getting too big for his britches. Other places to eat you know!




Totally agree and pissed as well.


Came here caused I noticed that about the breakfast buritos. WTF


Many people's assets have become Super-Sized from regularly eating at Mickey D's.


Just slow down the drive thru by asking size questions if you want to pressure them.


I’m hungry damnit! What’s with the egg McMuffin sliders?


I think that McDonald's needs to go back to it's SUPER-SIZED kicking days. I am very extremely active and I could pig out on McDonald's fare three meals a day and would never get fat.

So....... "SOUP SIZE IT!" I ain't worried about my assets becoming SUPER-SIZED!


When did they change the size of the parfait? Ridiculous small


Just got a screwed by the size also!!! Looks like it should be in a kids meal!! Ill never go back now


I just purchased the parfait and thought they had mistakenly given me the child’s size. Nope.

It’s one third the size it used to be and more expensive. I’m done.


It’s been a while since I ordered the parfait, I bout died when my husband brought it home to me . I was like what’s that they used to be bigger, he said that’s why I got you 2! Um you should have got me 4 what the heck


How else can they pay their employees $15 an hour, they have to make up the money with their customers


Sign my petition on this issue!!!! https://www.change.org/p/mcdonald-s-change-mcdonalds-sausage-burritos-name-to-sausage-roll-ups/w?source_location=petition_show


lol I’m so god I’m not the only one!


Ronald McDonald's Sausage Is Just As Big As Ever. So Are His Chicken McNuggets.

@Better Off Eating At A Soup Kitchen