Until now, my family members and I loved Mcdonald food and enjoyed spend time on there with my friends. But these last 4 days of drive-thru experiences were make me so disapointed and it became a chance to think about the image of the Mcdonalds.

First happening was on the before the reported date (May 06. 2014). I visited Mcdonald because of the buying Ice coffee which is my favorite drink at Mcdonalds. Anyhow, at that day was busy on my business, so I ordered by drive-thru. When I try to order something, a crew who taking order was so "rude" because she did not respect me as a cumstomer.

Well I am not natural born in America, and I understandable to have some of accent appear on my speech, but I think my accent was not serious because I was worked at Yoshinoya as a drive-thru crew last 3 years. But a crew who took order at the drive-thru, she didnt concentrated on my order and maybe she did something else during take order (like take money from other customer). But problem is not on this, I understandable she cannot clearly understand what I am say, then it is ok to ask me again...but she feedback on me by speaker "what? what?" instead of "excuse me? or Parden?" what a rude of her reaction!! I am not her co-worker or friend, I think she cannot say about this unrepectable word make me anger. Finally I went to window and ordered at the window. she said "I cannot understand what are you talking." with her face was look like irksome to me. At that day, I was busy so I try to ignore it myself. But Second experience make me more upset.

The day was most anger of day I think, that day was same crew took the order on drivethru, she knew me and I knew her because we had experience each other, her face was very ugry with anger. Suprisingly, she recomanded me about their promotion about two coffee order for one is free. So i said I will, and I drove to next window. At there I waited a long time, but my second coffee was not coming out, so I asked then the manager came and warnning on me. "you must order first, you cannot order it here." I was upset and I said to him, "I ORDERED ALREADY WITH HER RECOMANDATION." and he said"ok wait outside of line. I will bring it out." So I waitied he finally bring it my second coffee. I was got mad because he did not say anything and just gave to me as like donate. So I back to drivethru and asked crew name she said "ANNA" with proud her self. What a rude and "Shi#" customer service on here. Las day was more terrible. Order is fine but after pay my food I asked reciept then same girl crew got a mad and found my recipt from her junk dirty box. I still have this recipt on my desk for evidence. I hope some of the mcdonalds supervisor or more higher person must see this, and please say something to them. Even today, my friend got mad of this same girl!!!!

I think they ignore me, no they must be "discriminate" because I am the ASIAN!! Please someone see this, please dont go to Mcdonalds at Vermont / Venice blvd at Los Angeles, CA . It is horrible Mcdonalds ever@!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coffee.

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No wonder she couldn't understand you.

I could barely understand what you wrote down. Don't get upset that people can't understand your thick accent.

Learn to speak better.


Why the *** would you keep going back?

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