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Update by user Aug 14, 2018

8/14 UPDATE********** No response from McDonald’s. 7/5 I filled out their online survey located on the receipt and informed them of my experience.

7/6 I sent a message through mcdonalds.com and gave them my opinion. 7/9 I received a canned email response from McDonalds, the email stated they have taken action on my feedback and the notified the local franchise and they would follow up with my directly. This hasn’t happened.

7/15 I sent an email to mcdonalds.customercare@us.mcd.som letting them know it’s been a week and I haven’t been contacted by anybody. Radio silence………..

Original review posted by user Jul 15, 2018

Happened on 7/5/18 at 10725 Whiterock Rd, Rancho Cordova, CA location.

I received stale hard French fries at this location. I asked the employee at window #1 (Her name was Monica and might have been a manager) for fresh French fries.

She blew me off and told me at the rate they were busy, the fries would be hot. I jotted down her name because I didn't believe her. At window #2 the employee (female) told me it would be about 1.5 minute for French fries and asked me to wait, no more than 20 seconds pass and another employee (male with arm tattoos) hands me my bag of 2 medium fries. I incorrectly assumed the they finished cooking the fries early.

As I got half way back to work I ate a French fry and knew immediately they gave me stale fries on purpose, the fries were luke warm, hard and crunchy. I didn't want to bother doubling back to get some fresh fries because I am furious. If I ask for hot French fries I expect to get them. I threw out the fries as I couldn't stomach eating them.

I want my money back. I also filled out a complaint on their website and nobody has bothered to contact me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds French Fries.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $6.

McDonalds Cons: Quality.

  • Cold Fries
  • Stale Fries
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If you want to get fresh fries at McDonalds you have to catch them right as they are dumping out a fresh batch of them. If you irritate them by asking for them to fry you up some fresh fries, when they will just scoop up some real old nasty fries and put them into the fryer and refry them alot of times. You should have went inside the store to make sure that you got some new freies, even if it meant that you had to mill around the front counter until they had some made.


LOL... I'm sure your attitude caused them to give you the opposite of what you asked for...Great work...