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I am getting really flustered with the McDonald's that around my house. Well first off thy don't know how to tell time.

Me and my husband went through the drive through and he ordered a coffee. So when we got up to the window to get are food the McDonald's employee told us that they are making the coffee and it will only take five minutes and for us to wait in the parking lot and someone will bring it out to us. So ten minutes went by and we had no coffee. We were just going to leave but we seem to run into this problem a lot with ordering coffee also we paid for it.

So another 7 minutes went by and still no coffee. So I googled the phone for the McDonald's and give them a call. First it took 5 minutes for someone to answer the phone then when they did it was a foreigner that didn't speak English that well. So I explained what going on and she seem so confused about why I was calling.

Then when she finally realized what I was talking about I told her how many creams and sugar to put in the coffee and she said OH NO. And she got an attitude with me. I asked her if that would be a problem making the coffee (by now I am so annoyed that I said it to her as sarcastic as I could because she made it seem like I asked her to move the moon instead of just asking her to do her job and get me my husband's coffee) she said no and brought the coffee out to us. We only had to wait over 20 minutes for one cup off coffee.

My first problem with them is that they obviously don't know how to do there job and believe me its not that hard I used to work in fast food. Second this McDonald's has so many foreigners that they always mess up are order because they can't understand what I am saying. Sorry if you come into the country that I live in and Americans we speak English either learn it or get out. Dont give me attitude because you can't understand me in my own country.

Get the *** out of it. Third the amount of rudeness that they have is so annoying. If they don't want to make peoples food correctly or be in the fast food industry then get out. No one asked them to be here and work.

Its just so annoying in my own country that foreigners are being racist towards me by being rude talking about me like I can't hear or understand them and also its ok for foreigners and African Americans to call me a cracker but if I even call black person black they want to beat me up, how fair is that really and all I wanted was a cup of coffee.

The sad thing is is that this isn't the first time this has happened to us. Good thing I don't like McDonald's food all that much because it would really suck to have to deal with these people more often then what I actually do.

Location: Prince Frederick, Maryland

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I wonder how many of those "immigrants" were in this country legally? This whole invasion is an effort by these people to wipe out the white race. Obama refers to them as "undocumented Democrats."


Shame on you. I assume you are aware that one of you could have walked into the restaurant to see what the delay was.

But then on the other hand why go to a restaurant to order one cup of coffee being as you stated they are near your home? Did your ancestors know how to speak English as soon as they got to America? I know mine didn't. How soon do you think these immigrants should be able to speak perfect English?

I have a speech impediment and some people think I am an immigrant. I agree immigrants should learn to speak English, but I am also sure they won't be hired for a job, where they deal with the public if they can't speak/understand sufficient English to get by. For somebody that used to be a perfect fast food employee, you obviously aren't smart enough to not get sarcastic. Manners work both ways.

These employees are only human and humans make mistakes, which I'm sure if you do some soul searching you will find that you do too, including when you were the perfect fast food employee. If you don't like the service quit going there.


Dude really. Whats the purpose of fast food?

Not to serve people?

U need to check yourself before you post *** comments.

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