Fort Worth, Texas

The counter personnel, including shift managers at the McDonalds that I visit have a "bad" habit of speaking Spanish to the employees in the kitchen area. Not only is it rude to do this in front of the customers, but there are also non-Spanish employees present. There are several McDonalds locations that have this "bad habit"

If McD insists in hiring employees who do not speak English, they should send them to an English class.

Last time I checked, this was the U.S.A. and our language is English.

Learn it, I did!!! It amazes me that people want to live and work here, but refuse to speak the language!!

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By law you can not force some one to speak your language. Also the United states has no official language


what a ignorant ***. if you were in another country I'm sure you would appreciate it if others tried to selflessly accommodate you.


literally the most ignorant thing i've ever read. Last time i checked, the USA didnt have an official language.....


you are a racist ***.

English may not be their first language so its just easier for them to understand orders in spanish and help get the food right. Also, if they're not directly speaking to you then mind your own business you shitblimp.


If you'd get off your high horse for a second, you'd realize not everyone's primary language is English. Perhaps they can communicate more efficiently in Spanish.

English isn't the only language in the world and some countries don't speak English at all! I absolutely hate how self-centered some people are.


So, you know the USA doesn't have an official language?




I feel your pain. I am sick and tired of this invasion as well. But as long as Obama is president it won't stop unfortunately.