Kuwait, Al Kuwayt
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i am a concerned customer from kuwait.

there is an outlet in salwa park in kuwait that has no inside washroom.

customers and staff have to use the outside public washroom also visited by many unclean laborers.

there is no toilet paper and no soap available which is typical of an Arabic washroom.

then the staff go back inside and serve meals!! and all the children come in from the park and eat their food with dirty fingers!! because there is no washroom inside the Mcdonalds restaurant

is this hygienic? bacteria can spread very easily in these circumstances and cause diseases.

should this outlet be allowed to remain open?

i can be contacted anytime on 00965 66529135.

concerned customer

phil gray

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #192536

move to us either legally or ilegally they have stricter laws than a third world country like yours.

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