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took my grandson in Macdonald's for food and two members of staff were making comments about me i wont be going back don't speak a lot of german but i understand most their costumer service is lacking when the restaurant is full they take to long to serve we waited almost an hour one evening we watched as they mixed up orders running round like headless chickens how on earth can you run a business with faults like this ive run busy restaurants with just 5 staff better and more efficient than this and staff SHOULD NEVER make costumers feel intimidated like i was

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Maybe you really need Hooked on Phonics :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll

First Born Triplet

Hey Hoked on fonex does not werk.


Of course you have run busy restaurants with just five employees better than McDonald's. It's absolutely amazing how perfect you are.

In face you are so perfect you don't know how to use capitalization or punctuation. What in the world does speaking German have to do with anything? Have you ever worked in a fast food place when they were full inside and had line at the drive up? Try it sometime.

Then there are the times when a chartered bus will call in ahead of their arrival and place a take out order that has to be ready at a certain time so that they can stay on schedule. Like I said try it sometime.


This must be Colonel Klink.