I am a regular member of McDonald @ lokhandwala complex n fun republic branch-its always delivery n to my horror i found out yesterday while placing my order that the bill McDonald give which is updated in their system in the call centre my name is as

susan bhikari roy meaning beggar in english

I spoke to rohit abdebang who is the floor manager he deleted this offensive word.My question to you people is since i am a regular n a woman how can any of your staff member write rude n personal comment for your customers,is this how you people are trained to address customers?

I want this matter to be take in most seriousness n top notch management,I have the bill i also am a senior reporter in The Times of India group n I would see to it that the bill along with the whole distasteful story is published,Is this how you people value your customers,i shudder to think what would be names calling for 1 or 2 timer customers?

I want the call centre employee to be sacked with immediate effect or i make a noise regarding this in the print n tv media.

I am utterly disgusted with McDonald n i am just waiting KFC to open so you guys have major losses.

This is my mail to the customer feedback department on my grievances

Monetary Loss: $292.

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What the f-uck did I just read? Hey Idian woman, learn English.


You're a biggot, this was obviously an Indian Mcdonalds that did this, thus thier way of writing is completely excceptable. Get over yourself.