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I had organize my younger daughters birthday in one of the mcdonalds restaurants in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India hoping it would be a memorable event but to my surprise the burger served had stale taste and was not of mcdonalds standards. I faced the following issues.

1 Burger served in the birthday package was spoilt.

2 Birthday baby gifts were not given at all.

3 The decor was not as per the mcdonalds printed leaflet.

4 No caps no gifts to the game winners as promised by mcdonalds printed leaflet.

I need a resolve from mcdonalds for messing up my daughters birthday party, please also explain why the gifts and other committed stuff is not given without asking, if your leaflet print claims to offer certain services why should the customer need to beg to get what he has paid for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Mcdonalds Pros: Event handler.

Mcdonalds Cons: Burger quality, Stale burger, Watery coke, No birthday gifts, No birthday decor.

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #1224915

Your list of complaints seem to range from "any fool would expect this" to the downright ridiculous. The decor in a McDonalds venue was not to your liking or even misrepresented a bit?


That small dot disappearing over the horizon would seem to be your credibility my friend. I'm going to guess you may be one of those weird indian types fully invested in the caste system, yet strangely cannot demonstrate a single scrap of superiority over the lowest McDonalds peasant.


Perhaps you should explain yourself first. Why are you complaining?

You chose a CHEAP venue for your event. You need to also address why your complaints weren't made then and there, where they could be addressed and remedied. Whining on the internet is pointless in this case. Next time spend more, and you'll see actual quality...

And who eats beef in India? Sounds incredibly tacky...

to Anonymous #1069822

My dear friend if you are a rich high class person please refrain from spending time on review sites and deal with only 5 star class and leave budget class alone. Moreover in india Mcdonalds dont serve beef.

reply not anticipated.

to Anonymous #1069982

when we select names like mcdonalds we expect certain level of quality associated with the brand and we dont have to complain to the staff for the basic quality of food which is restaurants moral responsibility irrespective of the money spent, the money spent is as per the menu price fixed by the restaurant, the brand is bound to give edible food and not stale food. No consumer irrespective of the price tag needs to request to serve fresh food, you dont go to a restaurant and tell the waiter to serve fresh food we just order as per our pockets and expect the food is fresh, especially when you go to brands like mcdonalds and kfc etc.

to Anonymous Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1225027

you can't be serious...

to aliens_amoung_us Newell, North Carolina, United States #1239774

So because she decided to do her kid's birthday party there she should expect stale cold food because that's all you can expect? Are you seriously trying to say if you got food from there and it was cold and/or stale you wouldn't say anything because it's your fault for eating there?

God forbid her to want her child to have a fun birthday party. You're absolutely *** ridiculous!

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