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My husband and I were in Canton and went through drive thru for breakfast. The bagel was so burnt, I returned it and the manager gave me another one.

When I went to eat the new one, the manager had placed two hash browns in bag as well. There is no way that bagel should have been served.

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Typical of Canton. Try dealing with their city officials sometime , you'll see.


Well, at least he gave you two free hash browns "on the house ". You know, Fast Food stops becoming Fast Food the moment that you have to start taking stuff back and complaining about it.

That takes time and it *** people off and aggravates them. not to mention the wasted food that could be used to feed starving people in Africa. My main beef with McDonald's: the idiotic atmosphere and having to wait in a real long line like you are in a soup kitchen, when they have registers that no employee is manning. So even if I get lucky and I get perfect food, there's still the gross atmosphere.

Often, the place is so crowded with fat slobs(literally), that the only place to sit down is in the PlayPlace area and the whole time that I am eating I have to hear screaming children and mothers that keep repeatedly telling their child not to hit their sister or not to do this or that. Very unpleasant.


Your main beef with Mcdonald's I like that pun.


I like the soup kitchen line reference. But you can't gripe about fat slobs when you enter their temple ...