People who have never worked at a fast food restaurant in their lives, have zero room to complain. There's this simple thing called "stop coming back" if they keep screwing up your order or are being rude. People nowadays feel they should be entitled to everything; it's a pretty simple concept of if you're not a *** to the employee there is a greater chance of them being nice and respectful towards you.

Everyone has this mindset that because employees work at McDonalds, that must mean that they are losers and idiots, that have no future. Look around, look at almost every McDonalds and you will find that it's full of teenaged kids, most of which are still in high school.

People work at McDonalds, not losers, people, as in *** humans... hence, humans make mistakes. Taking it out on them is a huge waste of time, because we all know that even if they mess up your order EVERY single time you go to McDonalds, you will ALWAYS return. That's how this world works, people want everything now and if they don't get it, they throw a huge fit until they do get it.

If you have issues with McDonalds, don't take it out on the unfortunate employee that has to serve your rude, lazy *** or the managers, STOP coming back! They don't need to go beyond and above because YOU didn't look in your bag before driving away. Or because they didn't make your food right; chances are whatever they made, was made the way it was ordered. So look at the screen!

One last rant! Happy meals come with boy or girl toy, a drink, and depending on which meal you get, it gets a sauce. They shouldn't have to ask you every freaking question. Secondly, if they ask you a question, answer it, don't move on to the rest of your order. Third, when they ask you to move ahead, move ahead without being an *** about it. Next, as it turns out ketchup is a sauce. Flurries can't be substituted in for drinks. Don't order the meal, if you just want the sandwich and fries, drinks come with the meal. The menu hardly ever changes, it's not rocket science, so be prepared when you get to the speaker. And lastly, don't be an *** to the employee and they won't be one back.

How about you think about all that, before you visit McDonalds again?!

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I agree customers need to treat employees better. I disagree that if my order is constantly messed up, I need to stop visiting McDonalds. If an employee is constantly messing up (and this goes for any field / business) that employee needs to find another job.


One McDonald's near where I live screwed up 7 continuous orders (both drive thru and dine in.) I didn't go back for about 4 years. Looks like things have improved there as of late.

However, I've had one instance at a Wendy's where they screwed up one burger 3 TIMES in 15 MINUTES! Worst part, it was the MANAGER making the burger who had the SCREEN RIGHT ABOVE HER HEAD! Really, how hard is it to read, "Junior hamburger, ketchup only"?!?!?!?

Still didn't get the correct burger, gave up, walked out what they served. Haven't been back since!


i know how you feel,i work at a subway and peopledo the exact same things!!!>:(



I'm not surprised by the American way of complaining, suing, doing customer service and more...

No offense though, but Germany is slightly much better, stricter in laws and good in customer service (most of the time). Just take that criticism dude, you just have to deal with it like I do.


Slightly much better? That makes zero sense!

What an id*ot you are! And, I lived in Germany for 6 years, so I know you are full of cr@p!


Omg. Mcdonalds employees are idiots and ***. Guess you must be one of the loser minority f$cks that work there.


Dude, you're proving their point. You're being an *** now, so chances are you're an *** when you go to a fast food restaurant.

If it wasn't for those "f$cks" as you say, then there would be no fast food.

Good job proving their point...