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Every time I go to the mcdonalds in memphis either on jackson ave or austin pea or airways the one on jackson ave rarely have the caramel frappes the one on airways never have it the one on austin pea might from time to time but lines are always so long I will never ever go to mcdonalds again not these three due to there unprofessional employees and the time I get my frappes is around 230am or3am or 11pm at these times there is always a problem im asking mcdonalds if you cant keep it in stock why sell it I wish starbucks was open at these hours that im out then I would not have to go to mcdonalds worst stores I ever encounter who is the district manager in this area .......awful.........

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They might have your frappes if you tried going during daylight hours. What they have on hand at any given time depends on the demand during the day.