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I used the McDonalds drive threw at store #12519 located at 4625 Hwy 520 Cocoa, fl 32926 on Feb 15, 2012 at 9am. I pulled up to the drive threw, I ask the lady over the intercom if their sausage, egg and cheese mcmuffins were still 2 for $3.00.

She replies yes maam they are. I said i'll take 4 of them then. She said your total is $6.36. I pulled forward to the window and when I get there she says you know these arent 2 for $3 right?

I said I asked you at the intercom if they were and you said yes. She said I didn't take your order and it will be $12. I said cancel that and give me 4 sausage bisciuts. She said thats $4.24, so I paid.

A male employee walked up to the window because the line was backing up and says whats the hold up. I replied she got my order wrong. The girl at the window then says very rudely "I done told you I didn't take your order." I started to talk the male again and she kept cutting me off and being rude. I said "stop interupting me, thats rude." She said you need to get your facts right and can move your truck, then threw my credit card and the reciept out the window and the male employee caught it.

Then she slammed the window in my face. I was beyond livid. I have never ever been disrespected like that. I pulled forward walked in asked for the manager and I was so mad and angry.

All she said was i'll take care of it and refunded me my $4.24, Being a business owner myself, that was discusting. You don't speak to a customer like that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

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What did the manager do wrong? She said she would take care of it and refunded his money, nowhere did the OP state the manager was rude, only the employee.


You tried to trick her into giving you a $12 meal for $6 what do you expect.


You need to contact McDonald's corporate immediately, by phone if possible. Or, go into another McDonalds in another town close by and talk to that manager, and tell them you wish to talk to the next higher-up manager---I don't know what they call them, but they are responsible for all the franchises in that area.

Then tell him there is both a bad employee and a bad manager in the store you were in. Don't suggest they be fired, etc. Just say you always eat at McDonald's, etc.

and know darned well they don't condone treatment of customers like you experienced.

In any event, Corporate need to know about this location. McDonald's is a very good company with high standards---usually.